Here is a new Mystery Model. The name of manufacturer and scale of the model may not be too difficult but the name of the ship or class may prove tougher. Can you name the ship, manufacturer and scale? Post any answers on the message board.

OctMM2-6341.JPG (53106 bytes) OctMM2-6344.JPG (59761 bytes) OctMM2-6343.JPG (84559 bytes) OctMM2-6342.JPG (66189 bytes)
OctMM2-6353.JPG (73617 bytes) OctMM2-6352.JPG (65311 bytes) OctMM2-6350.JPG (76073 bytes)
OctMM2-6346.JPG (57830 bytes) OctMM2-6349.JPG (79465 bytes) OctMM2-6348.JPG (65792 bytes) OctMM2-6347.JPG (74822 bytes)
OctMM2-6356.JPG (67060 bytes) OctMM2-6351.JPG (81091 bytes) OctMM2-6354.JPG (87543 bytes)