This photograph shows the master pattern for the hull of a forthcoming warship model. Can you be the first to identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of the manufacturer? Please post all answers to the message board. 

Corrado Gajetti of Italy was the first to identify this model as the Italian Battleship Andrea Doria / Caio Duilio, 1:700 scale from Regia Marina. The photographs show the master patterns for the resin parts to the kit. It is interesting to see how the smaller parts are attached to the resin runner by pour tubes to allow the casting of the parts. Also shown is the pattern for the photo-etched set for the kit.

DoriaSmallPartsturrets.jpg (58022 bytes) DoriaSmallResinPartsBridge.jpg (68377 bytes)
DoriaSmallResinPartsCarleys.jpg (52353 bytes) DORIA_DUILIO60.jpg (119837 bytes) DoriaSmallResinPartsSecondary.jpg (41864 bytes)