With the days fast dwindling for 2003, this is the final chance this year to identify a Mystery Model. Here are photographs of the master for a forthcoming release. Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Also, what gives with that wild and crazy deck? Look closely, because it is very different from the norm. Please post all answers to the message board. Geoff Baker called it. Peter Halls WEM 1/700 HMS Renown n/t, Posted by Geoff Baker on December 30, 2003, 8:59:13, in reply to "Mystery Model #2"

03DecMM2a.jpg (73032 bytes) 03DecMM2d.jpg (72943 bytes) 03DecMMc.jpg (74050 bytes) 03DecMMb.jpg (69579 bytes)