This is a detail from a postcard that portrays a warship. The question is, what warship is it? To make answering the question easier, all that needs to be named is the class. Please post all answers to the message board. 

Ted Nigrelli was the first to identify this at a Virginia Class USN battleship. "I'll go with the Virginia class, despite the giveaway double story main turrets being cropped from view??" This particular card shows the USS Virginia, herself. It is a "colorized" photograph and was posted on August 19, 1908 at 1:30PM from Greenwood, South Carolina. 

Virginia3687aft.JPG (113679 bytes) Virginia3685mid.JPG (133980 bytes) Virginia3684bri.JPG (120922 bytes) Virginia3686bow.JPG (132327 bytes)