Well, it has been more than a month since there has been a mystery model. With Spring having sprung it is time for the mysteries to commence. This model is of a design that is very distinctive and should not cause any problem in identification. Furthermore, this model is in production, so some of you may already have it. Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Please post all answers to the message board. It is the USS Iowa BB-4 in 1/350 scale from Iron Shipwrights. I have one on Slip C in my basement shipyard ." Never bet against Felix Bustelo's basement because its right. Felix said that it was a 1:350 scale USS Iowa BB-4 from Commanders/Iron Shipwright and it is. The Iowa was the first true ocean going battleship of the USN and exhibits a degree of French design influence but not as musch as the armored cruiser Brooklyn. 

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