For those that may see a faint resemblance among this model, June Mystery Model #1, June Mystery Model #2 and June Mystery Model #3,  this is a different kit. Included are four photographs showing all four; June MM4, June MM3, June MM2 and June MM1. As you can see, they are different from each other. Or is it, as Yogi said, deja vu all over again? What ship is this? Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Please post all answers to the message board. 

04JuneMM4-9897.JPG (38036 bytes) 04JunMM4-9902.JPG (62767 bytes) 04JunMM4-9895.JPG (40236 bytes) 04JunMM4-9903.JPG (40013 bytes)
04JunMM4-9880.JPG (69769 bytes) 04JunMM4-9879.JPG (72228 bytes) 04JunMM4-9881.JPG (59148 bytes) 04JunMM4-9883.JPG (65177 bytes)