The parade of new models continues in snowy January 2005 with a SteelNavy blizzard of Mystery Models. Although some modelers may not be familiar with the particular class of Mystery Model #3, the overall lines of the ship are unmistakable as to the navy that built them. Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Please post all answers to the message board. 

05Jan3MM5343.JPG (53780 bytes) 05Jan3MM5339.JPG (59656 bytes) 05Jan3MM5340.JPG (54641 bytes)
05Jan3MM5348.JPG (61571 bytes) 05Jan3MM5371.JPG (56735 bytes) 05Jan3MM5365.JPG (50525 bytes) 05Jan3MM5376.JPG (68043 bytes)