News from the Tokyo Model Show

Pit-Road announced the following 1/700 Scale Ships
USN DD-421 Benson and DD-605 Caldwell to be released November2002 samples were displayed.
IJN CA Furutaka is to be released in December 2002 but only the mock-up was at the show.
JMSDF Towada is also to be released December 2002 but no sample was shown.
IJN Unryu is to be released December 2002 and a pre-production model was shown.
USN BB-44 California is to be released December 2002 as a resin kit and a sample was shown.

Aikokumaru and New OreansA.jpg (92241 bytes) Arizona.jpg (80510 bytes) Benson and FurutakaA.jpg (96140 bytes) deep sea submarine and IJN AA gunA.jpg (87894 bytes)

Aircraft and Others:
Modern Russian Aircraft set is to be released as injection molded kit including several versions of Su-27s, Mig-23/27/31 etc.; A-1 Skyraider, F9F, F11F, Mig-15/17-19, IJN Experimental Aircraft, Japanese Army Aircraft, German army armoured trains set with Tiger 1 and Panther, Soviet T-35/BT-5. WW1 Mk4 are to be released in white metal and the samples were shown.

JMSDF SS-501 Kuroshio (Ex-Gato class), IJN midget sub Kairyu, French Deep Submersible Archimedes will be released this year and the samples were shown.

Pitroad Unryu (1)A.jpg (61853 bytes) Pitroad UnryuA.jpg (89475 bytes) Aoshima HiryuA.jpg (81758 bytes)

IJN Type 89 12.7 cm AA gun will be released this year.

1/700 Parts
Etched metal parts for the following are to be released this year:
IJN Kimikawa Maru/ Mogami/ Mikasa/ Izumo,JMSDF/ Tachikaze/ Hatsuyuki/ USN Iowa Modern Version.

Tamiya showed the samples of Mikuma and Mogami.

TamiyaMikuma&MogamiA.jpg (60446 bytes) Mikuma TamiyaA.jpg (91754 bytes) Ise HasegawaA.jpg (96789 bytes) Ise 2A.jpg (86839 bytes)

Hasegawa showed the samples of the Ise & Hyuga Hybrid BB/CV class.