In the third weekend of September 2005, the annual Tokyo Model Show was held. Hideo Gotoh attended and photographed the releases featured by the Japanese and Chinese model companies at the show. Hasegawa made a major splash with the release of their 1:350 scale Mikasa earlier in the year. Now they are introducing detail sets to further enhance their model. Included are photo-etch, brass main gun barrels, torpedo nets and canvas covered boats.

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Hasegawa also had other photo-etch sets for various 1:700 scale kits, while they had a new large scale I-400 aircraft carrying submarine. Aoshima had a large scale Susquehana, paddle wheel frigate and Tamiya displayed their revamped 1:350 scale Yamato. Yamato ordnance in 1:144 scale was also shown by Pitroad as well as a 1:700 scale Akizuki.

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The two Chinese giants, Dragon and Trumpeter, also showed new releases. Shown by DML were the 1:700 scale USS Lexington CV-16 in 1:700 scale and the USS Cushing, Spruance Class destroyer in 1:350 scale. Trumpeter had their 1:700 scale Admiral Kutuzov and Slava RKR.

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