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Box art for new Tamiya 1/700 Yamato
Jim "Admiral G" Gordon
(Click for photo of the elusive Admiral G)
Evaluates the
Tamiya 1/700 IJN Yamato Kits with his
Laser Death Ray!!!

Photographed by Rob Mackie

( Move your lips while you read? No problem.
Click here to skip the bullshit and just look at the pictures)

"Dear Admiral G,
My wife left me, my dog died, I crashed my pickup truck, and I got laid off at the tortilla factory.  But that's not important-what really concerns me is this new Yamato that Tamiya is foisting off on us.  New! Improved! More
better accurate!  Should I throw away my old Yamato?  Personally, its been my best friend over the years, something I could count on and fondle when the chips were down. Ah, gee Admiral, what's a guy gonna do??  Give me the straight bilge on this, will ya?"

If you only knew how many letters I get like this one you'd shake your head in disbelief.  Well, start shaking. I don't have to tell you that your Yamato is your best friend. If you got one already, you know what I mean. It's big, friendly, and accepts you for who you are.  It doesn't matter which one you got, big or small, plastic or resin or even wood. You could even jab a couple a swizzle sticks in a ripe avocado, throw it in the bathtub,and yell
"Kamikaze!!!".  I don't care.

Forecastle Piece.jpg (19836 bytes)What I want to know is where did the Tamiya boys get their info on designing this new Paula Jones version of the Big Y?  Ya, give it a major nose job, fluff its hair a bit, throw some designer threads on it, and hold out for a million bucks. There's your new Yamato in a nutshell. Oh ya, its prettier than the old one, sexy retooled details will turn you on.  And that bow is real narrow, brother, in fact, the Admiral will go out on a limb with a saw and say its TOO NARROW.  It looks like they traded its old Charles Atlas neck for a new Cindy Crawford version.  Hey, Sumo wrestler or Victoria's Secret come on? You make the call.

The old Yamato is like the Arnold Schwartzenegger character in PREDATOR-ripped fatigues, combat boots, and covered in plant detritus. The new Yamato is this same character after the Ralph Lauren finishing school, complete with Yale sweater, white Dockers, and Polo cologne. In short, a wimp.

This just in:
Dear Admiral G,
I'm convinced that there is a conspiracy concerning those devious Yamato revisionists, the neoSkulskiites. Not content to leave well enough alone, they have decided for themselves that the IJN didn't get the Yamato quite right, and have drawn up detail revisions to suit their needs, and actually, their ultimate goal is to convince the world that the Yamato almost had the war won for Japan before the Nukes were dropped.  My sources tell me that the neoSkulskiites planted themselves at soba noodle/internet cafes in the immediate vicinity of the Tamiya factory, then started offhand conversations with lunchtime employees concerning the "inaccuracies" of the old Yamato. In due time, they had convinced everyone at Tamiya that the modeling masses were desperate for a new, "more accurate" Yamato and Tamiya eagerly used the neoSkulskiites' home brewed "references" to craft the new version. Evidently, the neoSkulskiites succeeded and are now onto phase two of their plan.  No one will believe me, but I know the truth is out there.

F. Mulder

Well, there it is, but you can ignore it for now.  Take it from the Admiral, get yourself one of these Yamatos and age it in the model cellar.  Let the plastic outgas for a few years while the instructions yellow. Visit your Yamato when the chips are down.  It will listen to your problems and never make you run errands on Saturday.  What more could you expect from a model?

Admiral G

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Forward profile
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Forecastle piece
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Aft profile
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New sprue 1
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New sprue 2
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New sprue 3
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New sprue 4
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Old sprue 1
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Old sprue 2
Old03.jpg (59943 bytes)
Old sprue 3
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Old sprue 4
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Old sprue 5