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USS San Francisco
Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale  Kit

Rob Mackie

Iron Shipwright has announced a 1/350 scale model of the heavy cruiser USS San Francisco. Mastered by Jon Warneke, the kit is a one piece full-hull model depicting the cruiser in its October 1944 fit.  A distinguished veteran of many Pacific campaigns, the USS San Francisco changed substantially as she underwent successive Mare Island refits. The Warship USS San Francisco photo archive has 16 clear US Navy photos showing San Francisco throughout her distinguished career.

San Fran Oct 44 Ms 33 med.jpg (19514 bytes)
USS San Francisco October 1944 in Measure 33 after Mare Island refit

The Iron Shipwright model shows her with the heavy AA fit characteristic of late war US cruisers, as well as the reduced top hamper it necessitated. Those of you partial to splinter schemes can look forward to painting her in the distinctive measure 33d camo pattern adorning her when she emerged from Mare Island in October 1944.

The resin kit (no white metal) includes etched brass, anchor chain, and brass rod. See the photo gallery below for pics of the hull casting. Photos of the smaller resin parts will be published later this week. The kit will be available January 15, 1999.  Price will be $210, including shipping and handling if ordered directly from Iron Shipwright. (Non US customers add 20% for shipping).

Due to the extraordinarily low price, kits will be limited one per customer/per address and there will be no dealer sales. Orders will be taken on a first come/first served basis.  The offer is good until 6 January 1999 and 100 kits are available.

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Bridge levels
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Stacks & deckhouses
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Forward plan view
AA SF 350 quarterdeck profile.jpg (13654 bytes)
Quarterdeck profile
AA SF 350 quarterdeck 02.jpg (22425 bytes)
Quarterdeck plan view
AA SF 350 quarterdeck.jpg (11882 bytes)
Aft AA tubs
AA SF 350 forecastle profile.jpg (14383 bytes)
Bow profile
AA SF 350 tubs flightdeck.jpg (22974 bytes)
Gun tubs and flightdeck
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AA SF 350 04.jpg (26645 bytes)
Quarterdeck plan view
AA SF 350 05.jpg (26554 bytes)
Plan view
AA SF 350 07.jpg (18381 bytes)
Bow profile
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AA SF 350 11.jpg (28596 bytes)
Hangar closeup

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