The models of AFV are not available in the model shops in Portugal, so I made an order to WEM, through Geoff Baker, who greatly helped me to execute this operation. I decided to build the early version, mounting the 20mm CIWS in place of the Sea Sparrow BDPMS at the stern of the ship.

The model is quite perfect and I believe a photo-etch set as well as a few modifications will make a very good looking model at the end of construction. I used a few parts from Revell sprues to replace the original AFV parts. The 2x SRBOC decoy launchers should be removed, because they are too small. SRBOC launchers from Revell sprues will fit very well. Also the AFV flag boxes should be replaced by Revell flag boxes from the sprues. The hangar could be built folded or extended and the SH-2F SeaSprite LAMPS Helicopter is perfect. Even the torpedoes are provided to fit on the Sea Sprite!!! The 20mm CIWS and ASROC Launcher are very accurate. The CIWS is one of the most accurate I've seen at 1/700 scale.

USS Knox - 01.jpg (51154 bytes) USS Knox - 03.jpg (90336 bytes) USS Knox - 05.jpg (76050 bytes) USS Knox - 04.jpg (58714 bytes)

The model is of a very good quality and only photo-etch detail is needed to get a very good looking model at the end.

Ayala Botto
Lisbon, Portugal