Introduced and photographed by Peter Fulgoney. - I would like to introduce Tony Lawrenceís ship builds to the site, and although heís told me that whenever he orders kits for his shop, Dorking Models, in Dorking, Surrey, he also orders one for himself, more impressively he scratch builds ships while not serving customers. The shop is a museum of all sorts of builds from aircraft, military models, to the latest Borodino battleship, and well worth a visit. He hasnít made a submission to any web site, and I wonder sometimes how many of these artists are out there and how good it would be to see their work. So here is one example of many, the 1:350 scratch build of HMS Abercrombie in her grey camouflage paint scheme, and yes the decks are all grey steel and not timber.

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I shall be submitting more examples on behalf of Tony, and I shall take a proper photographic set up, but please enjoy this set in the meantime. Iím sure Tony will be pleased with this first submission, and I shall let him know your thoughts when I see him shortly, as heís just got my HP Graf Zeppelin, and French cruiser Paris in stock, and my White Ensign Models paints.