Sep was undergoing builders trial at the out break of the war, The submarine was seized by her captain and crew and sailed to Gdynia. When the defeat of Poland by Germany was looming, she sailed for Sweden were she remained interned during the remainder of the war. She returned to Poland and served until discarded in the early 1970's.

Orzel- Was operating in the Baltic on September 15, 1939 when she was forced into the Lithuanian port of Talinn, were she was unexpectedly interned. Three days latter after a dramatic escape she reached Scotland were she became indoctrinated into operations with the Royal Navy. In June 1940 she was lost in the North Sea, from unknown causes.

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The Model- There are currently two plastic models of which I know of these boats, One by Mirage in 1:400 scale and the other in 1:200 scale by Accura. (Editorís Note: Niko Model also produces a resin and brass version of Orzel in 1:700 scale. Click for review of the Niko Model Orzel.) The 1:400 scale Mirage one is bit more accurate but smaller. The Accura kit is full of errors and lacks lots of detailing. They are made a very thick form of plastic and building the kit out of the box can be done in less then an hour, since there are not too many useable parts to them. The tower is molded attached the hull and there are two halves. The only thing in the kitís favour is its 1:200 scale size and the low costs of the kit.

ORP Sep and Orzel Class Submarine

Built for Poland in the Netherlands Total 2: Date of Completion-1939
Surface Displacement-1,473 tons; Submerged-1,650 tons: Dimensions-lenght 275' 7". Beam -22' Draught-13' 8"
Propulsion- For Surface 2 Sulzer diesels from Switzerland. For underwater propulsion , 2 Brown-Boveri electric motors from Germany, 100 battery cells, Twin shafts.
Performance- 20 Knots surface / 9 knots submerged/ Diving Depth - 260'
Armament- French made 21.7" torpedo tubes 12X1. 4 in bow, 4 in stern, 4 in a rotating mounts. 4.1" (105mm) Deck gun; Retractable Twin 40mm Bofors, kept in a water tight well in the tower, and a 13.2mm MG. : Crew compliment- 60

This Accura model has undergone a lot of modifications, The sub was riveted all about, the limber holes drilled out, and the swollen forward torpedo fairings were carved from the rear tip of a wooden clothes pin. I decided to make the doors in the open position to show the inner chambers and holed back walls, so the hull had to be cut out in those areas. The deck was made of mahogany wood strips. The scopes, shafts, nose saw & other detailing were scratch made from brass. I like the gun exposed like the late Sep so I cut the kit tower front piece off and rounded it filling it with Glazing putty. The guns were made by using gun parts from Revell Lionfish kit. The 4" gun was cut & extra detailed to simulate the Sep gun. To make the retractable twin Bofors, I used three Revell Bofors by chopping them up to make one unit, two for the guns and one for the carriage. I wanted to make it look as if it was in the retracting position on the tower. The Accura tower has a very large hatch covering the AA gun well. When I first got the kit I thought it to be too large for a personnel hatch, but I see it was intended for the large bofor well cover. For The handrails I used some scrap photo-etch that I had.

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