Here are some photos of my build of HMAS Perth in February, 1942. The kit is a highly modified Airfix model of the HMS Ajax. The majority of features above the main deck were scratch-built and some of the holes for the turrets had to be re-drilled and re-filled as the turret holes were misaligned. The paint scheme is a very striking. In late November 1941, Perth received a new paint scheme in which her port side was reportedly painted a two-tone dirty blue-gray, which was described as being very similar to the USN's sea blue (5S) and her starboard side was painted a disruptive scheme of light gray and very dark gray. Another interesting feature of the ship was the addition of "baffles" to both funnels. These structures were intended to help break up the outline of the ship and make it a little more difficult to make out the ships true direction.

Perth01rs.jpg (9170 bytes) Perth02rs.jpg (9934 bytes) Perth03rs.jpg (12197 bytes)

I would like to thank Bruce Constable for posting a website on HMAS Perth dedicated to the memory of his father, George Constable. The website was very informative, providing not only photos, but also details of modifications, changing paint schemes, and an excellent line drawing of the ship.

The photos attached include port and starboard views of HMAS Perth, night action dioramas of Perth in the Sunda Strait battle, and a diorama photo of two of her opponents, the Japanese cruisers Mogami and Mikuma.

PerthSundaStrait01rs.jpg (6261 bytes) PerthSundaStrait02rs.jpg (6026 bytes) PerthSundaStrait03rs.jpg (7328 bytes) Perth-MogamiMikumaRS.jpg (8550 bytes)

Richard Smith