These are photos of my recently completed Airfix HMS Suffolk. I know a lot of people don't care for Airfix, but I kind of like them, even if they are in an odd scale. The ship is shown as I believe she looked in 1944, with an extensive AA fit. The masts were scratch-built using brass rod. Bilge keels were added from styrene strip. Model railroad chain is used for the anchor chain. The gun tubs on the "A" turret and the hangar were made from cut-up soda straws. The cable reels behind "A" turret were made from scrap PE and plastic rod. The model has been extensively modified with White Ensign Models  "Professional" products, including boats, quad pompoms, 4" dual mounts, and carley floats.

SuffolkStarboard.JPG (12339 bytes) SuffolkOverhead.JPG (12034 bytes) SuffolkOverheadBow.JPG (12014 bytes) SuffolkPort.JPG (11710 bytes)
SuffolkPortBow.JPG (14674 bytes) SuffolkSuperstructure.JPG (14497 bytes) SuffolkWalrusOverhead.JPG (17918 bytes) CharlieHustle.JPG (15041 bytes)

I also used their "Ultimate WWII Cruiser/Destroyer" set. Actually, I used TWO of these sets, as the model was a victim of a surprise attack by a "Charlie Hustle" class Anti-Shipping Housecat when it was about 80% complete, requiring significant replacement of the rigging, masts, and railing. I'm sure WEM wondered why I needed so much of the stuff. The model took about 8 months to complete, but it would have been much shorter had my Anti-Cat Defense Door been properly secured. I would like to thank Felix Bustelo for sending me photocopies of his "County Class Cruisers" by Raven and Roberts.

Mark Leonard
Santa Rosa, CA