From all classes of Japanese cruisers the Takao class has always been my favorite  and I have to say nothing beats its look in my opinion. Their bridge structures, which almost look like an old Japanese feudal castle or maybe a futuristic resemblance of the Arleigh Burke class destroyer. Its incomparable to other cruisers but the Myoko class still has its own majestic look and I think this cruiser is the one that really showed the world that the Japanese were top of things when it came to anything that have to do with naval power.  Had I known all four sisters would have been released after Myoko, I would’ve waited a little longer to get a hold of Haguro, which I personally like in her 1944 configuration. Nevertheless, this 1941 Myoko was a pleasant build. I don’t think I regret having building it because I like her a lot after her refit when those big wind baffles were added to the bridge. 

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The kit itself is nicely done and a lot better than the class of cruiser before it and I’m referring to the Takao class. I began building her 9 months ago  and at that time there were no photo-etch sets specially done for this cruiser, therefore I gathered up a few P.E leftovers I had from Gold Medal Models, White Ensign Models  and incorporated a super detail P.E., which was Flyhawk’s Takao set. These 3 sets were my backbone to start building her. L’Arsenal’s chrysanthemum crest and figurines where used on this model as well.  Two of the boats came from Hasegawa’s boat detail set , unfortunately I didn’t have another extra two and had to finish up the model using the crude boats that came with the kit. I did however enhance them with Tamiya decals. The model was painted with Tamiya’s Kure gray, linoleum, and hull red colors. The weathering was done using black water color and I also used the dried up method using Rust color.  As for the rigging I used black stretched sprue and this was a great Idea because in all my older models I always had to paint the rigging black. I want to thank all the guys who helped me on my build and all those who followed it, enjoy the pictures.

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Jose Soca