The idea of finishing the two sisters together came to my mind a while back, although at the time Aoshimaís new kits were probably going through R&D and even though I had the Hi-Mold Fuso, which needed a lot of work. I didnít want to spend another extra $100 on the other Hi-Mold sister kit. When the time of the new Aoshima kits came I bought Yamashiro and went full throttle to finish my idea of a diorama. I used Flyhawkís outstanding photo-etch set, this time Fusoís of course, I also added two kinds of machineguns. I bought Nikoís 25 mm double machineguns and then I was lucky enough to find Lionroarís 25 mm single, double, triple machineguns and this was a big help, getting them together is a tedious job nonetheless. The rigging was done using stretched sprue and the figures are from Eduardís. Many of the details such binoculars, rolled hammocks or sandbags were scratch-built using styrene. I rarely time my time while working on my models. I could guess from the time I finished Yamashiro , it mustíve taken me around two months to finish Fuso.

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Jose Soca