For all of those who wish to portray something different in IJN carrier construction is this set of aircraft for Type 96 IJN aircraft for pre-war Japanese aircraft carriers. Aoshima produces this injected plastic set of three aircraft of the Type 96 models. Included are three Type 96 Mitsubishi A5M4 Claude fighters, three Type 96 Yokosuka B4Y Jean torpedo bombers and three Type 96 Aichi D1A Susie dive bombers . The A5M Claude was the first monoplane fighter for the IJN and was developed in 1934, first flew in February 1935 and went into production in 1936. The A5M4 model entered production in 1939 and 1,094 aircraft were produced to this design. When Akagi completed her refit in August 1938 she carried 18 A5M, 36 B4Y and 18 D1A. Kaga carried 12 A5M, 36 D4Y and 24 D1A upon her refit. There are three sprues with one of each type on each sprue.

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This set is available from Bill Gruner at Pacific Front.