This is the 1/700 scale Yamashiro from Aoshima. This kit is really well put together but we modelers are never happy with just a painted piece of plastic nowadays, so to embellish it I used Flyhawk's Yamashiro super detail photo-etch set and for a price of $30, I couldn't ask for more. The photo-etch figures are from Eduards, brass barrels are from Clipper. I also replaced those crude AA guns with some photo-etch ones I had from Pit-Road. The sand bags or rolled hammocks all over the bridge were scratch-built as well as the hanging ropes. The rigging was done using WEM's lycra thread. This project is halfway done now her sister Fuso will also be included in the near future. I'd like to thank Jeff Lin, Lars and Dan Kaplan for being my guide sources on this one.

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Jose A Soca