The USS Midway CVA-41, Arii 1:800 scale kit has been supplemented with GMM's "USN Supercarrier" steel photo-etched fret. This fret supplies items in 1/720 scale, which of course is slightly oversize but it still seems to work well. Railings, radars, deck-edge netting, aircraft propeller blades, helicopter rotors and Tillie the Crane were used from this fret. By the way, this is a VERY NICE bit of work on Loren Perry's part!

Midway, Starboard quarter[1]17.jpg (108186 bytes) Midway, port side[1]28.jpg (123158 bytes)

One of the Jet Blast Deflectors was cut out of the deck and set up in the raised position. Thin plastic card, cut to size, was used to simulate open bulkhead doors on the island.

Extra aircraft were obtained from a junked Arii USS Eisenhower kit that the Plastic Surgeon Model Shop was kind enough to give me. Stretched sprue was used to make the missiles hung underneath the "ready" F-4 on the starboard catapult.

Ray Bean was kind enough to offer advice, and a copy of his "USS MIDWAY- 40 Years Of Magic" article on the Midway build that he did for Scale Ship Modeler in October 1986.