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About L'Arsenal:
I try to alternate modern and historic subjects. The first releases were two Avisos (small frigates) of which 17 are currently in service with the French Navy. These were followed by two Flower Class Corvettes, then the Floreal Class Frigate that entered French Navy service in the early 90's. The next subject will be a 1,500 ton submarine that served at the beginning of WW2. The best known of the series is the Casabianca. This kit will be issued in 1/350, 1/400 and 1/700 scales. I will also be issuing a conversion kit for the Heller Tourville Class destroyer. This will improve the Heller kit and enable the modeler to depict Tourville in her 90's fit.

L'Arsenal kits are resin cast one-piece full hull models. They include all necessary etched brass and hull number decals. Starting with #400-05 the kits will have English as well as French instructions, and all accessory kits now have English/French instructions.

Prices shown below are in Euros, as this currency has become the European standard. The current exchange rate is approximately one Euro equals US$1.04 (long out of date as the Euro is currently far stronger than the Dollar). This of course fluctuates but in general there is almost a 1:1 Euro/US$ conversion rate. I could have given prices in French Francs, but in the future there will be no official US$/FF exchange rate. (Note- In 2004 the Euro is significantly stronger than the Dollar.)
Customers outside the EEC should be aware that they may deduct the 20.6% French Vat from the prices shown below. So US and other non EEC residents have the benefit of more attractive pricing.

L'Arsenal kits are also available from Pacific Front and Colpar Hobbies in the US; and Modell Center in Germany (Dallinger Strasse 4d D-90459 Nürnberg Germany Ph: 49-911-446-83-89 Fax : 49-911-446-84-06)

Jacques Druel



Price (Euros)

1:200 Scale

AC 200-01 Railings (227cm)
AC 200-02 Super detail photo-etched set (doors, ladders, stairways, hooks)

1:350 Scale
Updated 21 October 2008

350-01 Tripartite, Modern Minehunter (French, Belgian and Dutch versions included) 
350-2 Casabianca, 1500 Ton Class French Submarine - The largest submarines in the French Navy prior to World War Two, except for the solitary Surcouf, were the 1500 Tonnes Type, also known as the Redoubtable Class. The Casabianca was one of the last of the 31 boats in the class to be built but had the most significant operational history. L'Arsenal has just released a 1:350 Scale kit of the Casabianca in resin and brass but with optional brass relief etched nameplates for all 31 boats in the class.  

350-03 LCVP Landing Craft - One of the newest super-detail sets in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal is a set of five LCVP landing craft. Each of the five boats in the package comes with two resin and eight photo-etched brass parts. 


Prototype Preview

350-05 Liberty Ship, The Ugly Duckling, L’Arsenal 1:350 Scale Able to carry its own displacement in cargo, the ungainly Liberty Ship was a crucial component to victory for the allies in World War Two. The best, most detailed, and most accurate model available of this crucial ship is the 1:350 scale Liberty Ship produced by L’Arsenal

AC 350-01 20mm Oerlikon guns 20 pieces (resin and photoetch)
AC 350-02 Railings (245 cm of 2-bar and 3-bar railings)
AC 350-03 Sikorsky/Sud Aviation HSS-1 Helicopter (set of 5)
AC 350-04 Grumman F6F Hellcat (set of 5)
AC 350-05 Chance Vought F4U Corsair (set of 5) 
LArsenal2743F4Uresin.JPG (94415 bytes) LArsenal2810F4Udiag.JPG (59355 bytes)
AC 350-06 Curtiss SB2C Helldiver (set of 5) 
LArsenal2752SB2C-3resin.JPG (100301 bytes) LArsenal2805SB2C-3.JPG (51279 bytes)
AC 350-07 40mm Bofors Quad  (Six per Pack) 
LArsenalBofors4529mount.JPG (66108 bytes) LArsenalBofors4535gun.JPG (117090 bytes)
AC 350-08 Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk (2 per bag) resin & PE 
LArsenal2758SC1resin.JPG (72840 bytes) LArsenal2757SC1pro.JPG (39663 bytes)
AC 350-09 USN WWII Doors & Hatches- 317 doors and hatches of many different styles are included in this fret. 

LArsenaldoors5067fret20v.JPG (256130 bytes)
AC 350-10 Accommodation & Inclined Ladders Brass Photo-Etch Set, L'Arsenal AC350-10 1:350 Scale - With AC350-10 L'Arsenal provides items that are often overlooked, inclined ladders as well as accommodation ladders in a two fret set. 

AC 350-11 Mk 51 AA Directors - A crucial part of the Anti-aircraft system of the USN at the end of World War Two was the Mk 51 AA director. This set comes with the parts for ten Mk 51 directors. Parts are in resin and brass. 

AC 350-12 Bofors 40mm Twin Mounts - At the end of World War Two in the face of the Kamikaze threat, if the United States Navy could not fit a quad Bofors on a warship, they would use twin Bofors mounts. This set in brass and resin, comes with parts for six twin 40mm Bofors mounts. 

AC 350-13 USN Twin Five-Inch/38 DP Mk 32 Gun Mounts - USN designs of World War Two used the twin 5-inch/38 DP gun mounts wherever possible. This Dual Purpose design was probably the best medium AA gun of the war. This set contains five gun mounts with optional barrels, with or without blast bags. 

AC 350-14 Five-Inch/38 Single Gun Mounts - This set comes with fifteen resin pieces, five fully enclosed gun mounts, five barrels with blast bags and five barrels without blast bags. 

AC 350-16 Bofors Twin 40mm AA Gun Tubs & Ammunition Racks, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - L'Arsenal has long been known as one of the leading producers of multimedia models and super-detail parts to augment scratch-built kits and the models produced by other manufacturers. This item is a package of super-detail parts for the Bofors twin 40mm AA gun tubs in 1:350 scale. 
AC 350-17 Mk 37 USN Fire Control Director with Mk 4 & Mk 22 Radars - The culmination of pre-war gunnery director designs for the USN, the Mk 37 was designed from the start to fit radars. These are photographs of the new super-detailed resin and brass photo-etch Mk 37 directors in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal

Mk 37 Director with Mk 12 & Mk 22 Radars - Prototype Preview


AC 350-18 26-Foot USN Whaleboats - This pack provides parts for four 26-foot USN Whaleboats. The hull is resin and the brass photo-etch fret provides seven brass detail parts for each boat. Optional parts are provided for closed deck boats. 

AC 350-21 Five-Inch/38 USN DP Single Gun Open Mount, 1:350 Scale by L'Arsenal - This first version of the classic USN 5-Inch/38 DP gun was used in the Yorktown Class, Wasp and Essex Class aircraft carriers, as well as numerous CVEs, one heavy cruiser and many mid-wars USN destroyer classes. This set provides the resin and brass-photo-etch parts to build four guns per set. 

AC 350-23 Brass Barrels for Five-Inch/38 USN Gun Mounts - A set of ten brass barrels with bored-out muzzles for the USN single or twin 5-inch/38 gun mounts of World War Two. 
AC 350-24 Oerlikon 20mm Gun Tubs & Ammunition Lockers - L'Arsenal has the solution for adding 20mm gun tubs with detail set AC350-24. This set contains ten resin 20mm gun tubs, twenty ammunition lockers divided equally between two types of design and a stainless steel photo-etch fret of 40 ammunition locker lids, again equally divided in two different styles. 

AC 350-26  Coconut Trees in 1:350 Scale - This set contains resin and brass parts for building two coconut trees. Perfect for tropical dioramas. 
AC 350-27 Arado 196, Kriegsmarine Reconnaissance Floatplane - This set contains two 1:350 scale Arado 196 floatplanes that were the standard reconnaissance aircraft carried by warships of the Kriegsmarine during World War Two. Each aircraft is comprised of three resin parts and five brass parts. 
AC 350-28 USN Mk 37 Mod. 17 Five-Inch Fire Directors with Mk 12 & Mk 22 Radars - This set provides five 1:350 scale Mk 37 Mod 17 fire control directors found on almost every warship of the USN that carried a five-inch gun in World War Two. This version has significant differences in the shape of the housing from the initial Mk 37. The five resin directors come with a full brass fret with Mk 12 radars with frames and Mk 22 late war radars. 

AC 350-29 Rigging Rings - Eye Bolts, Photo-Etch Rigging Set - Do you insist that your models be as accurate as possible?  Perhaps you would wish to have a more realistic method of securing your rigging to your model other than gluing the rigging to the mast, yard or bulkhead. Now there is a product that addresses these issues. L'Arsenal has produced a stainless steel fret that provides the answers. Set AC 350-29 provides rigging rings, eye bolts, for models in 1:350 to 1:400 scale. 

AC 350-30 25-Man Flotation Rafts, 1:350 Scale, L’Arsenal - If you want the best 1:350 scale carleys on the market for your ship, perhaps you should consider accessory set AC350-30 from L’Arsenal. This set contains resin and photo-etch for completion of twenty 25-man balsa rafts. The body of each raft is resin with a photo-etch bottom. 

AC 350-32 Eurocopter Dauphin SA-365, L’Arsenal 1:350 Scale - L’Arsenal set AC350-32 includes resin and photo-etch parts for four 1:350 scale Eurocopter Dauphin SA-365. The bodies with wheel wells open, are one-piece resin parts, while a stainless steel photo-etch fret provides 47 fine steel parts. 

AC 350-34 USN Anti-Skid Deck Mats, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - A very common feature of World War Two destroyers of the USN was the presence of anti-skid deck mats attached to the bare steel decks of the ships. Designed to provide better footing on the smooth deck, this feature is now available in 1:350 scale from L'Arsenal. There are two frets with a total of eight runs of anti-skid decking. These strips come in two styles, continuous run and segmented, as both styles were used.
AC 350-36 USN 5-Inch/25 Open Mount HA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Battleships, cruisers, carriers, destroyers ... almost all types of warships of the USN in World War Two had the 5-Inch/25 HA gun mounted for the heavy antiaircraft ordnance. Modelers have incessantly sought a replacement of this gun for a wide variety of plastic and resin kits in 1:350 scale. L'Arsenal has now responded with L'Arsenal set AC350-36

AC 350-37 US Navy 1.1-Inch Quadruple AA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Don't let your model of Lexington or any other model mounting the 1.1-inch Chicago Pianos, get a red card from the IPMS judges. With L'Arsenal resin and brass 1:350 scale USN 1.1-inch AA guns, your build will stay in the game until the end with enough energy and snap to win the sudden-death tiebreakers of competition. 

AC 350-39 USN Heavy Cruiser Catapults, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-39 - With the L'Arsenal USN Heavy Cruiser Catapults Set in 1:350 scale, AC350-39 you get not only the catapults in highly detailed photo-etch, but also the turntables, ducts and pistons in highly detailed resin to further enhance the three-dimensional look. 

AC 350-48 US GMC Deuce & a Half Trucks, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Do you need deck cargo for your 1:350 scale Liberty Ship? Do you need some pier side equipment for your harbor diorama? L'Arsenal has a perfect accessory for any such occasion. This takes the for of L'Arsenal set AC350-48 with ten GMC cargo trucks. 

AC 350-51 Structural Parts, Set One, Brass Generic Ship Fittings, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Jacques Druel of L'Arsenal has come up with an interesting concept. With brass photo-etch set AC350-51, entitled Structural Parts, Set One, L'Arsenal has packaged an interesting assortment of generic ship fittings in 1:350 scale. 

AC 350-59 Oerlikon Twin 20mm AA Guns, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-59 - L'Arsenal makes a superb set of Oerlikon twin 20mm AA guns in 1:350 scale. The advantage of this L’Arsenal product, AC350-59, is that it is in truly three dimensions. 

AC 350-60 Grumman Avenger TBM-3 W Early Warning Aircraft, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale, Set AC350-60 - L'Arsenal aircraft set AC350-60 provides five resin and photo-etch Grumman Avenger TBM-3 W early warning aircraft. Resin parts are included for the aircraft, main wheels and the extra vertical stabilizers added to the tail. Photo-etch parts are for the propeller, landing gear and tail wheels. 

AC 350-61 USN 14-Inch/50 Brass Barrels, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Who produces brass battleship barrels in 1:350 scale? Voila! L'Arsenal! One of the many new accessory products coming from Normandy is this set of twelve 14-Inch/50 brass barrels. Numbered AC350-61 you receive all the main gun barrels that you need for a model of any of the California or New Mexico class battleships. 

KC 350-01 Forecastle Replacement for the Tamiya Missouri, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - Anyone familiar with the products of Jacques Druel and L’Arsenal knows that this French company specializes in 1:350 scale USN fittings, even more than the warships of France. Well the French Connection has heard the anguished cries of modelers of the Tamiya Missouri and produced an upgrade set specifically for that kit. Now modelers can come out of the wilderness and into the light with a multimedia replacement forecastle for the Mighty Mo

1:400 Scale
Updated 26 August 2008









The Béarn has been released. The 1:400 scale multimedia model of the first flightdeck aircraft carrier of France is now available. With plastic, resin and metal parts, two full decal sheets and comprehensive instructions, the Béarn makes an interesting addition to any modeler's collection. 

On September 1, 2002 L'Arsenal and Navires & Histoire will release a 1:400 plastic, resin and brass kit of the first French aircraft carrier, the Béarn. 


400-01 Aviso Type A-69 D'Estienne d'Orves Class Corvette (F-781 to F
400-02 Aviso Type A-69 (pennant numbers F-792 to F-797)
400-03 Flower Class Corvette late war (6 FNFL, 2 RN, 2 RCN, 1 USN)
400-04 Flower Class Corvette 1941-42 (2 FNFL, 1 RN)
400-05 Floréal Class Frigate (pennant numbers F-730 to F-735) (Click for Review)


400-06 1,500 ton submarine (Casabianca, Ajax, Fresnel et al)
400-07 Tripartite, Modern Minehunter (French, Belgian and Dutch versions included) 
KC 400-01 Conversion set for Heller Tourville Class Frigate (resin, photoetch, decals)
KC 400-02 La Fayette Detailing Set for the Heller Frigate Kit - Resin Parts, Brass Photo-Etch Fret and new decals up significantly upgrade the Heller 1:400 scale kit of the French frigate La Fayette

1:400 Accessories

AC 400-01 Railings (162cm of railings)
AC 400-02 Helicopters (1 Puma, 2 Dolphins, 2 Gazelles)
AC 400-03 20mm Oerlikon gun set (20 pieces) resin and photoetch
AC 400-04 Exocet Missile set MM-38 and MM-40 (6 possible combinations)
AC 400-05 Superdetail photoetch set (doors, ladders, French motto plaques etc)
AC 400-06 100mm French turrets (set of 5 resin turrets, complete with guns)
AC 400-07 Crotale naval missile set (2 sets complete with bunker, turret, missiles) resin
AC 400-08 French Navy roundels and logos (set of 96)
AC 400-09 Sikorsky/Sud Aviation HSS-1 helicopter (set of 5 resin and photoetch)
AC 400-10 French Radar set (photoetch parts for SA, DRBV 10B, 11, 20A, 26, 51 radars)
AC 400-11 Rafale Marine Jet Fighter
AC 400-12 Grumman E2-C Hawkeye (set of 2)
AC 400-13 Grumman F6F Hellcat (set of 5)
AC 400-14 Chance Vought F4U Corsair (set of 5)
AC 400-15 Curtiss SB2C Helldiver (set of 5)
AC 400-16 Dassault Super Etendard (set of 5), resin & PE 
AC 400-17 Thin Photo-Etch Railing 
AC 400-18 Breguet Alize (set of 5), resin & PE  
Alize4587fivediag.JPG (140953 bytes) Alize4582rtpro.JPG (107388 bytes)
AC 400-19    
AC 400-20 Chance Vought F4U Corsair, Four Bladed Propellers, Resin & PE (set of 5)  
F4U4569sfdia.JPG (82153 bytes) F4U4570top5.JPG (144282 bytes)
AC 400-22 Boot Topping Decal Sheet - This large decal sheet was designed to provide boot topping stripes for 1:350 to 1:400 scales. The sheet provides decals of the stripes in seven different widths. 

AC 400-29 Fairey Swordfish, British Torpedo Bombers - This set provides for resin and stainless steel photo-etch parts for five Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers. Four can be built with wings extended and one with wings folded. Detail included relief etched photo-etch wings and even resin torpedoes with photo-etch fins. 

 AC 400-39  Safety Cage Vertical Ladder, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Set AC400-39 - L'Arsenal has had the foresight to care for your miniature sailors in 1:400 scale. Jacques and the gang have produced brass photo-etch set AC400-39, which includes six safety cage vertical ladders.  


1:700 Scale
Updated 9 December 2008

700-01 Italian Destroyer Audace (circa 1942)
700-02 German Escort TA-20 (ex Audace in Kriegsmarine service 1943-44)
700-03 Casabianca, 1,500 Ton French Submarine, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - The Casabianca was one of the large group of 1,500 ton submarines of the Redoutable Class. She probably was the most effective French submarine of World War Two, as she fought with the allies from start to finish. L'Arsenal has produced a model of Casabianca in 1:700 scale. The waterline kit is comprised of resin and brass photo-etch parts and a full decal sheet.  
700-04 La Fayette, Modern French Frigate - The Marine Nationale has constructed five of these remarkable frigates, which incorporate stealth technology. 
700-09 Leopard, Jaguar Class First of the French Super Destroyers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - The L’Arsenal 1:700 scale Leopard provides a very nice kit of the first class of giant destroyers built by France between the wars. With fine resin castings, full brass photo-etch frets and multi-color decals, the kit provides everything needed for a fine model of this unique three-stacked design. 
700-12 HMS Biter, British Escort Carrier 1944, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - No one will call the HMS Biter graceful. This homely escort carrier shows her merchantman origin with every tubby line. However, as any movie-goer knows, the supporting actor often steals the show from the prima donna. The L’Arsenal 1:700 scale HMS Biter is a beautifully executed kit, which will let this character packed Walter Brennan steal the show from the big fleet jobs. 
  1:700 Accessories  
AC 700-01 French WWII Railing, 3 Different Types (for Battleships, Cruisers, & Destroyers) 
AC 700-02 Stairways (Inclined Ladders) and Vertical Ladders (generic) 
AC 700-04  Modern Generic Doors Photo-Etch Set, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - Jacques and L'Arsenal have come up with a photo-etch set to modern generic doors in 1:700 scale. The set includes two frets of doors in white metal. With each fret you receive 28 doors with latch and open port hole and another 28 doors with hand wheel. 
AC 700-06 Corsairs, F4U Fighters in Resin and Brass, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - What if you have a 1:700 scale aircraft carrier and you wish to decorate the deck with excellent scale F4Us. Now with L'Arsenal set AC700-06 you have the opportunity to cram the deck with Corsairs. It doesn't matter if it is USN, RN or a French carrier, as they all used the Chance-Vought bent wing "Whistling Death". L'Arsenal provides ten superbly cast resin F4U fighters with a brass fret containing three bladed propellers and landing gear. 
AC 700-11 Fairey Firefly, Royal Navy Fighter, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set AC700-11 - Now you can stock the decks of your RN carriers with Fireflies. L'Arsenal has produced the aircraft in 1:700 scale. With set AC700-11 you get ten fireflies with the aircraft in resin and propellers, wheel struts and tail wheels in brass. 
AC 700-12 Fairey Swordfish, British Torpedo Bombers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set AC700-12 - You have seen other Stringbag resin and photo-etch sets from L'Arsenal but those were in larger scales. Now Jacques has these excellent miniatures in 1:700 scale, just perfect for your FAA. Now if there were some RN carriers for them....oh wait....Jacques has a couple of them as well. 
DEC 700-02 French WWII Hull Numbers, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Set DEC 700-02 - For modelers of the Marine Nationale of World War Two, L'Arsenal now produces a 1:700 scale decal sheet for the numbers used on the hull sides of French destroyers and torpedo boats, Set DEC 700-02.


 L'Arsenal is now a distributor of the books published by Marines Editions, as well as titles from Lela Press (Navires & Histoire)