For the Aoshima 1:700 scale kit of the Japanese battleship, Mutsu, ArtwoxModel produces a set of wooden decks, which includes eight decks for the model. Each deck has blanks that are punched out so that the deck will allow the plastic fittings and superstructure to pass through the blanks. Decks included are the forecastle, six higher decks in the forward superstructure, and the quarter deck. Artwox also provides anchor chain as an additional bonus. The back printed instruction sheet is printed on glossy paper with color photographs, rare indeed for any model. much less an after-market set. Of course the instructions are rather simple, as there are only eight parts in the set and the instructions show the wooden decks on top of the specific plastic part from the Aoshima Mutsu.

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As you can see from a  picture of the underside of the wooden deck, if the blank cut-outs don't immediately pop out, you can score the underside of the decking to allow their removal.. The wooden decks have a sandwich construction with a very thin wooden deck on top, a layer of adhesive in the middle and a protective sheet on the bottom. You fit the deck first to make sure all plastic fittings have openings through the wooden deck and when everything is ready, remove the lower protective sheet and fit the deck. The adhesive will secure the deck without the need for white glue or any other type of separate adhesive. Since the last mention of retailers stocking the ArtwoxModel products, two more retailers are now stocking the decks. If you are in Norway, try Hobby-Garasjen The big news is that Freetime Hobbies has become the distributor of ArtwoxModel in the USA.

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If you are looking for outstanding quality wooden decks to further enhance you Mutsu kit produced by Aoshima in 1:700 scale, try the wooden deck set produced by ArtwoxModel. Available from more and more retailers, including in the United States, pick up the set and you won't be disappointed.