Having selected the ArtwoxModel wooden decks set for the Aoshima 1:700 scale Yamashiro for the first review of  ArtwoxModel wooden decking sets and the set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale HMS Repulse kit, for the third review I chose the ArtwoxModel set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Prinz Eugen. The Repulse set had four decks on a single sheet, however, the Prinz Eugen set comes with two smaller sheets but contains a whopping twenty-eight separate decks. I didn't realize the German heavy cruiser had so many wooden decks. Some are small decks for AA positions or different bridge levels but forecastle, amidship deck and quarterdeck haven't been forgotten. 

As with the instructions for the ArtwoxModel 1:700 scale Yamashiro and 1:350 scale HMS Repulse decking, the instructions for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Prinz Eugen is one back-printed glossy sheet with color photographs, which show the location of the 28 decks on the plastic model. The wood sheet is very thin but still raises the deck level by the width of the wooden deck. Using the wooden decks is a trade off since the fittings coming through the wooden will be reduced in height by the width of the wooden sheet. The question comes down to a simple choice, is the detail provided by the wooden deck more important than the slight loss of height of the fittings? A lot depends on your skill in painting and detailing plastic decks on the kit parts. For me, I couldn't come close in providing the detail of the ArtwoxModel decks. 

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In the review of the 1:350 scale Trumpeter HMS Repulse, I fit one of the five decks to the corresponding plastic deck and chose the quarterdeck. For the wooden deck set for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Prinz Eugen, I dry fitted four of the 28 decks. All of the sets of ArtwoxModel wooden decking are designed as a sandwich with the wooden decks at the top, adhesive in the middle and thin transparent sheet at the bottom, which is removed when the particular deck is ready for attachment with the plastic part. Unless you are hand painting all of the cast fittings, which will extend through the cut-outs from the plastic deck through the wooden deck, it appears best to paint the plastic before attaching the deck. As with the dry-fitting of the Repulse deck, for the Prinz Eugen decks I had to use a Xacto knife to score the decks from the underside and then remove and used the scissors to clean up any protective film remnants. It is easy to do but it does take time. 

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The decks came out cleanly from their protective frame and even the smallest cut-out blanks were removed without damaging the decks, such as the slots for the break water gussets. Where the tip of the forecastle deck abutted the main forecastle deck, there was a slight buckling but so slight that when the plastic protective sheet is removed, exposing the adhesive, the adhesive should keep the deck flat. To play it safe, I would consider very light sanding of the deck abutment edges, if dry fitting exhibits any buckling. From the photographs of the dry-fitted decks, you'll notice that along the starboard side, where the deck abuts the plastic base for the superstructure, there is a slight buckling of the deck. This is not caused by pressure but simply from the length of the deck. It will fit flush once the plastic sheet is removed and the adhesive comes in contact with the plastic deck. All in all, I am very happy with the fit and appearance of the decks. In fact, I'm so pleased that because of the availability of an ArtwoxModel wooden deck that I picked up a 1:350 scale kit of the Imperial Chinese protected cruiser, Chih Yuen, by Bronco just to build the cruiser with the wooden decking from ArtwoxModel

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Here is the current price list of available products and near term releases. 

Item No. Item Name Suitable for Retail price (USD) Amount Notice
1/350 Scale Wooden Deck Series      
AW10001 DKM Scharnhorst For Dragon 1040 22.90   0.00  
AW10002 HMS Repulse For Trumpeter 05312 17.20   0.00  
AW10003 DKM Admiral Hipper For Trumpeter 05317 18.10   0.00  
AW10004 IJN Yamato For Tamiya 78014 19.10   0.00  
AW10005 DKM Prinz Eugen For Trumpeter 05313 20.00   0.00  
AW10006 DKM Admiral Graf Spee For Trumpeter 05316 20.90   0.00  
AW10007 DKM Bismarck For Revell 05040 23.90   0.00  
AW10008 DKM Zerstorer Z-25 1944 For Trumpeter 05321 4.76   0.00  
AW10009 Deck Sheet   19.10   0.00  
AW10010 USS Hancock CV-19 For Trumpeter 05610 34.99   0.00  
AW10011 USS Independence CVL-22 For Dragon 1024 19.99   0.00  
AW10012 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 For Trumpeter 05609 34.99   0.00  
AW10013 USS Massachusetts BB-59 For Trumpeter 05306 20.99   0.00  
AW10014 IJN Nagato For Hasegawa40024 30.99   0.00  
AW10015 IJN Kongo For aoshima 041178 30.99   0.00  
AW10016 IJN Musashi For Tamiya 78016 0.00   0.00 Coming Soon
AW10017 DKM Tirpitz For Revell 05096 0.00   0.00 Coming Soon
AW10018 DKM Zerstorer Z-43 1944 For Trumpeter 05323 4.76   0.00  
AW10019 IJN Mikasa For Hasegawa 40021 25.99   0.00  
AW10020 Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet 'Chin Yuen' For Bronco NB5018 10.99      
AW10021 Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet 'Ting Yuen' For Bronco NB5016 14.99      
AW10022 Imperial Chinese Peiyang Fleet 'Chen Yuen' For Bronco NB5017 14.99      
1/700 Scale Wooden Deck Series         0.00  
AW20001 DKM Bismarck For Revell 05098 12.40   0.00  
AW20002 IJN Yamato For Tamiya 31113 10.49   0.00  
AW20003 IJN Musashi For Tamiya 31114 10.49   0.00    
AW20004 IJN Mutsu For Aoshima 038680 10.49   0.00  
AW20005 IJN Yamashiro For Aoshima 039083 10.49   0.00  
AW20006 Deck Sheet   10.49   0.00  
AW20007 DKM Bismarck 1941 For Trumpeter 05711 12.40   0.00  
AW20008 DKM Tirpitz 1944 For Trumpeter 05712 12.40   0.00  
AW20009 DkM Tirpitz For Revell     0.00 Coming soon
1/200 Scale Wooden Deck Series          
AW30001 USS Arizona BB-39 1941 For Trumpeter 03701       Coming soon
1/48 Flight Deck Base Series    
AB30001 USS Aircraft carrier Flight deck  1/48 Aircraft     0.00 Coming Soon
AB30002 USS Aircraft carrier Flight deck B       0.00 Coming Soon
AB30003 IJN Aircraft carrier Flight deck A       0.00 Coming Soon
AB30004 IJN Aircraft carrier Flight deck B       0.00 Coming Soon
1/72 Flight Deck Base Series   0.00  
AB40001 USS Aircraft carrier Flight deck A       0.00 Coming Soon
AB40002 USS Aircraft carrier Flight deck B       0.00 Coming Soon
AB40003 IJN Aircraft carrier Flight deck A       0.00 Coming Soon
AB40004 IJN Aircraft carrier Flight deck B       0.00 Coming Soon
1/48 Detail-Up Series   0.00  
AR50001 KF5-E Cockpit For Academy 12229     0.00 Coming Soon
AR50002 F-5/t-38 Ejection seat (standard)       0.00 Coming Soon
AR50003 F-5/t-38 Ejection seat (improved)       0.00 Coming Soon
AR50004 F5-E Cockpit For AFV club     0.00 Coming Soon
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When I reviewed the wooden decks for the Trumpeter 1:350 HMS Renown, I mentioned the only ArtwoxModel dealer of which I was aware. Since then the company e-mailed me other dealers of ArtwoxModel products. However, the company is still looking for other distributors in Europe and the USA. Currently the distributors are as follows:

Japan : Alquimy Co.,Ltd

Hong Kong: Lucky Model, http://www.luckymodel.com/,  Hobbyeasy  http://www.hobbyeasy.com/

Korea : Neighbor Hobby  http://www.modelsale.com/

Czech Republic : Plastic Hobby  http://www.plastic-hobby.com/

And Chinese local dealer.


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With the twenty-eight wooden decks for the Trumpeter 1:350 scale model of the Prinz Eugen, the ArtwoxModel wooden deck set for the cruiser, you can revel in wooden decking to your heart's delight. Great appearance, good fit, low price, the ArtwoxModel  1:350 scale Prinz Eugen wooden deck set delivers big time!