Is trying to bend photo-etch parts to the correct shape driving you batty? To get the exact twists and turns in photo-etch parts can be maddening. Well there are several solutions. One is to join Mad Pete's Mad Modeler Mob or his Elite Loyal Legion of Lunatics. However, if you wish to avoid your significant psycho-analysis bills, there is another path, one that leads into the sunny uplands of mental health. What is this panacea and where is its source? That is a reasonable question and the answer may or may not surprise you. Mad Pete himself, A/K/A Peter Hall, has developed an inexpensive cure to Etchosis Whackus. Mad Pete has more than a passing acquaintance with both topics. Pete realizes that not all modelers are cut out to be on the cutting edge of modeling madness and so has developed a tool that will allow you to get the crisp bends and turns so much admired in photo-etch. Insightfully named the Folding Tool for Photo-Etch, this implement is now available from Atlantic Models, Mad Pete's own house brand, which is never leaves a bitter aftertaste. The tool folds to securely clamp photo-etch parts at the desired bend point. However, the different edge shapes of the tool will provide different results in the bend of the photo-etch. If you are looking for a crisp 90 degree angle, not problem but perhaps you crave a more adventuresome bend. Other edges on this tool allow for diagonal bends and even rounded bends. You simply position your photo-etch part in the folding tool next to the edge that will best provide the desired result. To be brutally honest it doesn't answer all photo-etch bending needs. If you are part of the Mad Mobile Modeler Cult whose supreme joy is to fold photo-etch on Trans-Atlantic airline flights, the friendly folks of the Transportation Security Administration will probably not let you take the Folding Tool on board the aircraft. Such an attempt most likely will result in a complimentary body cavity search. Now, except for that small lunatic fringe, the Atlantic Models Folding Tool for Photo-Etch , ATT02, will probably be an elegant and affordable solution to your photo-etch folding needs. 

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Tired of losing your eyesight and mind in bending minute photo-etch parts? No need to embrace the madness. Save your sanity with the Atlantic Models Folding Tool for Photo-Etch