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Type A-69
D'Estienne d'Orves Class Corvette
1:400 Scale Full Hull Resin Kit
Rob Mackie

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Aviso Jean Moulin 1985-86 small.jpg (12526 bytes)A class of 17 French Navy ships entering service during the 70s and early 80s, Type A-69 D'Estienne D'Orves Corvettes were designed for coastal anti-submarine warfare as well as scouting, training and other secondary duties. 250' in length and displacing 1,100 tons, these are not large ships but are nevertheless seaworthy - and economical-vessels. Armament and combat systems vary, and there were even plans - subsequently canceled - to outfit two of them with helicopter landing facilities.

The L'Arsenal Type A-69 is a 1:400 scale one-piece full hull resin kit. It depicts hull numbers F-781 to F-791, whose armament fit differed slightly from later class members. Kit No 400-2 should be used for these later ships. The hull casting is superb. There were no flaws of any kind, and the casting is scribed at the waterline should you wish to remove the lower hull. Basic construction should be easy. There are only a few resin superstructure pieces to be affixed to the hull casting. The remainder of the resin parts consist of gun, missile launchers, liferaft canisters, and props. The most difficult part of the buildup will be the complex mast assembly. This is done with etched brass, and it will behoove you to follow the directions and proceed slowly. Much of the external detail is done with etched brass, but this should not present the modeler with significant difficulties. Decals are provided, a nice touch. The etched brass railing appears a bit heavy, but useable. It should also be noted that the railing lacks a bottom runner. The railing only touches the deck at the support posts-realistic perhaps but a bit more work for the builder. And the instructions are in French. They are largely visual so this will not present a problem for non French readers..

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D'Estienne d'Orves Class Corvette

Type A-69
(17 ships F781 - F797)
Launch Dates: 1-6-73 to 23-4-83
Displacement: 1,100 tons (1,250 full load), Length: 80m    Beam: 10.3m 
Range: 4,500nm @ 15kts, Maximum: 23.3 kts,  Endurance: 15-20 days

Complement: 7 officers, 42 petty officers, 43 ratings
2/MM 38 Exocet, one 100mm, 55 cal Model 1968 CADAM DP Gun,
Two 20mm Oerlikon, two or four 12.7mm MG,
One 375mm F1 ASW rocket launcher, four TT for L-3 or L-5 ASW Torpedoes

I'm in that minority of modelers that like the appearance of modern warships. The Type A-69 is a compact and sleek design that I find appealing. The L'Arsenal kit captures the essence of this ship and does so in a complete, well thought out package that I can recommend to anyone who likes modeling modern warships.

L'Arsenal kits are available in the USA from Pacific Front, or you can order direct from L'Arsenal. See the L'Arsenal product page for more information.

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Hull casting

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Small Resin Parts
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Etched brass and decals
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Instructions 1 of 2
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Buildup by Jacques Druel
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Buildup by Jacques Druel
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Showing the Flag in New Caledonia
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Jean Moulin
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F 781

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