This is the 1/700 scale B-Resina HMS Jupiter, as she appeared in October of 1941.  The kit is actually very nicely cast, but the weapons, boats, davits, etc., are dated and I replaced them with better detailed parts as follows: The main gun turrets were cast using a turret from the HP HMS Lance kit as a master. I then used BMK brass barrels with the new turrets. I also cast the open boat and launches, using boats I had in stock as masters. The 4" HA gun was a combination of a plastic US deck gun and a BMK brass barrel. The foremast was scratch-built from brass rod as were the bow jackstaff and the "H" vent on the rear structure. White Ensign Models' J,K,N class detail set was used for the boat davits, cranes, and pom pom, and Gold Medal Models ultra railings and 20mm guns made up the rest. I used caenis line for the rigging, and white glue for the insulators. I painted the camo scheme using Testors and Floquil paints . I would like to thank Gary Kingzett for his guidance in casting the turrets and boats, and Jim Baumann, Mike McCabe, Ron Kernahan, and Peter Fulgoney for their assistance in the color scheme, flag placement, and other input with the build. I'm looking forward to building another WWII British destroyer soon, as there is an enormous variety of subjects and color schemes  from which to choose.

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Bob Cicconi