Here are pictures of my Blue Water Navy U-35, World War One German submarine. The model is in 1:350 scale and is now offered from Yankee Modelworks.

I broke from tradition once again on this model. This is only the second model that I have ever built full hull and the first submarine I have ever done. I also used stretched sprue for the rigging. I wanted to stay with my World War 1 theme and this kit seemed like a part of the era that was missing from my collection. The kit is very detailed, although that detail is hard to see in the photos. Mine copy has some air bubbles in the lower part of the hull but that is easy to fix. The photo-etch dive rudder supports appeared too long so I cut them down some. A top down view was not provided so I don't know how close the finished product is to the original.

U35qt17.JPG (82324 bytes) U35qt29.JPG (111908 bytes)
U35qt12.JPG (110155 bytes) U35qt21.JPG (98415 bytes) U35qt26.JPG (117027 bytes)

The kit is small for a 1:350 scale model. It measures right at 16 centimeters in length, has an one piece resin hull, 2 resin guns, 2 metal parts, and 13 photo-etched parts. The instructions are adequate but a top down view would have really helped. I attempted to display her in dry dock. Construction is really straightforward. The only problem I had was painting a straight line. The masking tape would not stick very well on the curved hull. I finally just painted it by hand and it really shows in the photos.

Quintin Trammell