BARCOS RC Modelismo Naval is a high quality magazine from Spain, mainly devoted to Radio Controlled boats and ships but covering other topics as well. Written in Spanish and published four times per year, it is a large format (11 by 9 inch) periodical with uniformly high production standards. The covers as well as the inside pages are printed on high quality glossy paper and feature numerous clear, professionally taken photographs. I recently had the opportunity to look at issue number 11 of this publication, which was 82 pages in length plus covers.

Barcos RC, as the name implies, has many articles on the RC side of the hobby. Of the twenty articles in the issue, twelve were solely on RC topics. Personally, I found the most interesting of the RC articles to be the six-page coverage of a model of the Austro-Hungarian dreadnought KuK Viribus Unitis. This model is in 1:100 scale and is most impressive on many levels. The craftsmanship is superb and is the equal of the highest quality static model. On top of that, it is meant for the water, being fully radio controlled with operating searchlights.

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This issue had a second article on a RC warship. An operational German Type XVIIC U-boat made by the company ModelSUB was covered in six pages. The article featured sixteen photographs of the finished model and major components, including motors and electronics.

Some of the other RC articles covered: a RC sail driven yacht, Volans de Nikko; the fishing boat, Bou Sant Isidre; an interview with RC champion, Serge Costa; the evolution of the RC motor; coverage of the RC competition in Madrid; coverage of the 2nd annual naval model exhibition in Villa de Fuenlabrada, and the tugboat, Midgard I.

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Although radio controlled ships and boats are its primary focus, BARCOS RC contains articles of interest for the general modeler as well. There is a three-page article on how to construct your own molds for casting resin parts that would interest any scratch-builder. The issue contains a four-page article in painting and detailing a 1:54 figure of a U-boat captain. Four pages are devoted to the construction of large, high quality card models. Two pages are used to provide photos and history of actual ships, the Spanish cruiser, Navarra, and the windjammer, Royal Clipper.

I especially liked the nine-page article on the 350-ton Spanish patrol boat, Deva. One of a class of nine, Deva is captured in three full-page photographs as well as nine smaller photos. Four of the photos are detailed shots of the deck fittings. There is a conversion table that shows the length, beam and draught of the boat in five scales, 1:50, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30 and 1:25. There is also a full-page plan and profile of the boat but there are no hull cross-sections, other than the stern.

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If you have an interest in RC ships and boats or if you read Spanish, you may be very interested in this publication. In Spain a one-year subscription is 2,850 pts (US$15.17). For other countries the cost of subscription is 4,500 pts (US$24.00). You may use VISA or American Express. A point of contact is the Technical Director of BARCOS RC, Mr. Camil Busquets i Vilanova. (

                                                                                                                                                      Steve Backer