Here are pictures of my 144th scale semi scratch built model of the DKM Bismarck.  The Bismarck 's history is so well known that I won't bore anyone with it.  My model started out as a combat model, but I lost interest in that venue, and decided to complete her as a high detail operating model.  Her hull is fiberglass and was purchased from Swampworks, Mfg. (a defunct combat model company).  Some of her superstructure components are also from Swampworks.  Fittings have been either made, cast, or purchased from Model Shipways.  The model is impressive on the water, but has a slight list that I have yet to correct.  It is the centerpiece of my model display room (see first picture), and sits on the fireplace mantle.  I would like to replace the low rpm motor that the ship currently has with one of a little higher performance, but the ship seems to reach a scale "flank speed" on the water.

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Tim Quinlan
, Michigan