Here are just a couple shots and a few words about Bluejacket's Samuel B. Roberts DE in 1:192 scale done as USS Abercrombie DE-343. As this is my first shot at wood kits, I must say it's a far cry from resin ship kits. I built this kit as a presentation model, so therefore it is done "pristene". I may get one for myself and see how much time I can spend detailing it! For those who are not familiar with this Bluejacket kit, it is a multimedia kit containing a precarved wood hull and basswood superstructure parts, which will need finishing, along with a sheet of laser cut styrene parts such as the P/S spray shields, 01 deck and gun tub discs. The detail parts, such as stack, gunhouses, 20mm/40mm, mast parts, torpedo tubes, depth charges and various directors are Brittannia metal.

Aber07dj.JPG (51745 bytes) Aber06dj.JPG (40913 bytes) Aber05dj.JPG (45130 bytes)

There are three frets of etched brass. I chose to use Gold Medal Model's 1:192 2-3 bar railing, as the railing fret supplied appeared to be too heavy. The other frets were thinner thus more to scale. The kit also includes brass, wood, and styrene stock for building various assemblies such as 20mm, 40mm splinter shields, hedgehog shields, yardarms, etc. As I was going to ship this model, I used brass rod to "pin" the larger parts, such as stack assembly, gunhouses, flag bags to secure them, as they are rather heavy. The kit also includes a fine instruction booklet, done by Al Ross II, along with a camouflage design sheet and three full scale drawings. Decals consist of a sheet of dry transfers for WWII and post war hull numbers. Bottom line....I got a real kick out of building this kit! It also helped develop my scratch-building skills.

Dave Judy