This is a 1:350 scale model of the Bois Belleau R97 of the French Marine Nationale. Of course it was originally the USS Belleau Wood, Independence Class light aircraft carrier. The ship was named after a World War One battle in France in which the USMC successfully countered the German Army and the name was Anglicized from the original French. When the carrier was transferred to France, the French Navy changed the name back to the original French. This model is scratch-built by French master builder, Pierre Marchal. Interestingly, one of these photos appears in the current issue of Navires & Histoire magazine (No. 29) at page 95. The caption under the photo translates to: This model is scratch-built of the aircraft carrier R97 Bois Belleau in 1/350, a build of master Pierre Marchal, which will serve as a base of a future L'Arsenal kit.

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