Here comes a Bubnov battleship design. The model is in 1/100 scale and is remotely controlled. Like Izmail, this beauty was built some 10 years ago (Click for Sergey Vinogradov's Izmail). The builder is Sergey E. Vinogradov. S. E. Vinograd is also the author of Last Giants of the Imperial Russian Fleet, Saint Petersburg 1999, Galeya Print. This volume of 407 pages covers all of the Imperial Russian battleship and battle cruiser designs that were not completed. This particular design is Project GUK from April 1914. It is also called the 1915 battleship. Designed by Ivan G. Bubnov, the battleship was to be armed with twelve 16-inch/45 (406mm) and twenty four 130mm guns with a speed of 25 knots and a displacement of 35,600 tons. The main armor belt would have been 11-inches. Bubnov was head of the Technical Bureau organized in March 1914 to design warships. There were four sections charged with battleships, battle cruisers, light cruisers and other designs. It was the first centralized Russian design bureau. The design was submitted in April 1915 for consideration. Chapter 6 (Glava 6) in the book covers this design and runs 14 pages. It includes many drawings and a couple of photographs, including one of this model. Also this design is covered in Russian and Soviet Battleships, Naval Institute Press 2003, by Stephen McLaughlin, in Chapter 32 "Battleship 1915". This chapter runs ten pages and has many of the drawings found in Last Giants. According to the Last Giants 4 ships of this class could have been named "Knyaz Suvorov", "Sisoy Veliky", "Oslabya" and "Sinop".

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