I have managed to create a series of 3D computer drawings dedicated to the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. This covers maritime warfare portion of the war and contains all of the Russian warships that participated in the war. In total there are 95 warships.

retvizan51[1]DM.jpg (56097 bytes) rurik51DM.jpg (43628 bytes) gromoboy5DM.jpg (45183 bytes)
suvorov5DM.jpg (42001 bytes) SUVOROV8DM.jpg (86797 bytes) aleks-35DM.jpg (42916 bytes)

All drawings are completed in AutoCAD. All are available for purchase upon request. The models are based upon authentic builder’s drawings.

borodino5DM.jpg (42903 bytes) OSL5DM.jpg (45464 bytes) sis5DM.jpg (62698 bytes)
navarin5DM.jpg (34824 bytes) NIK-15DM.jpg (43175 bytes) nahimov5DM6.jpg (27226 bytes)

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