Here are a number of pictures of my recently completed diorama, Wasp Refueling Buchanan. The diorama, in 1/700 scale, depicts an actual event, which took place on August 3, 1942, while both ships were steaming towards Guadalcanal. Color photos of this are on both covers of the Classic Warships Pictorial #12, Benson/Gleaves Class Destroyers.

Wasp-Buchanan0001JK.jpg (117212 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0002JK.jpg (161989 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0012JK.jpg (141252 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0013JK.jpg (144938 bytes)

The Buchanan is the Skywave injection molded kit, while the Wasp is the Corsair Armada resin kit. Clearly both built up into good models. The Buchanan has been detailed with GMM photo-etched parts, including rails, 20mm Oerlikons, radars, depth charge racks, etc. The Wasp kit came with an amazing photo-etch fret but the rails are GMM Ultrafine. The aircraft have also been detailed with GMM photo-etch. Demonstrating a severe case of AMS (advanced modelers syndrome) I removed the wing mounted landing gear molded on the F4F Wildcats, and scratch built landing gear on the fuselages. There are also over 100 GMM photo-etch figures on the two ships. I opened many of the hangar deck doors on the Wasp, and finished the hangar deck. There are several aircraft and more figures on the hangar deck.

Wasp-Buchanan0003JK.jpg (79260 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0004JK.jpg (106939 bytes)
Wasp-Buchanan0005JK.jpg (94554 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0006JK.jpg (178913 bytes) Wasp-Buchanan0010JK.jpg (86262 bytes)

The diorama won both Best Ship, and Judges Best in Show at ROCON 24, the annual Rochester, NY IPMS contest held recently. The pictures were shot on Kodak High Definition, ASA 200 film with a 25 year old Canon AE-1 SLR. I shot at f-16 with shutter speeds varying from 1/8 to 1/2 second. The camera was on a tripod, and I shot using natural light coming through a sliding glass door on a day, which was alternately sunny and cloudy. The images were digitized on a Kodak Picture CD using Kodak Perfect Touch processing. Yes, this is a shameless plug, I work for Kodak, but there are a lot of questions posted about how to take pictures of models, so I thought I'd pass along how I do this.

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Jim Kloek
Rochester, New York