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Jim Gordon's 1/600th
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"Chasing a sail is very much like pursuing a coy maiden, the very coyness
  sharpening the pursuit."

  Capt. Raphael Semmes, Confederate States Navy

Built at Laird's shipyard in Birkenhead, the 220' long CSS Alabama was the most famous surface raider of the American Civil War. She was capable of 10 knots on steam, 13 knots when using both bark rig and steam. Her armament consisted of eight guns: a 110 pounder pivot gun forward, an 8" smoothbore amidships and six broadside 32-pounders. Under Captain Raphael Semmes she wrought havoc on Union shipping until she met her end in an epic 1864 battle with the USS Kearsarge off Cherbourg.

Modeling ships of the American Civil War is a newfound interest for Jim Gordon. His CSS Alabama is largely an out-of-the-box effort using the Throughbred Models 1/600 scale metal kit.  He did replace the masts with more in-scale brass representations and added rigging, but otherwise Jim completed this beauty with his usual dispatch, taking about 10 hours in total. Examine the photos and note the delicacy and artistic touch characteristic of Jim's work. And also note that strange looking vessel next to the Alabama. It's Jim's scratchbuilt 1/600th CSS Manassas ironclad ram.

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