If you think of the warships of the Confederate States of America, probably two will come to the mind first. Of course one is the CSS Virginia/ ex-USS Merrimack, as a participant of the first fight between ironclads. The other is the CSS Alabama, which is a supreme example of a war on commerce. It took half a century for the US merchant marine to regain the market share enjoyed before the trepidations of the Alabama devastated the merchant fleet. As we now, the worn out Alabama steamed out of the port of Cherbourg France to answer the challenge of the USS Kearsarge and was sunk as a result of the battle. If you visit this major French port, you can see one of the cannon of the Alabama on display in Cherbourg. Jacques Druel, that shining knight of Normandy and proprietor of L'Arsenal took these photographs of the cannon raised from the wreck.

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