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Construction Tips for the
Tamiya 1:350 Scale Kit
Doug Corp

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After working for Newport News Shipbuilding on the overhaul of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), I found a model kit of the Enterprise produced by Tamiya in 1/350 scale.  As soon as I saw it, I had to have it!  This model is a monster at over 39" long!

I have put together this small website to help others who are about to undertake the building of the "Big E".  I will go over some of the enhancements that were made to my kit and some of the reference material I used to achieve more accurate results.

The overall kit is great.  The only complaint I have is the lack of a hanger deck.  I just scratchbuilt the hanger deck and bulkheads out of Evergreen sheet styrene.  Since I worked on the ship I had the best reference material anyone could ask for, the actual ship!  I did use a book for my project that proved invaluable.  It was called Airwing Enterprise published by Osprey Aerospace.  You may be able to find it by visiting Amazon.com. I also visited the official CVN65 website to get current information on the ship.

I have gotten a lot of email regarding colors for the Enterprise.  The debate seems to continue about color.  My feeling is if it looks good to you, it's fine.  I have broken down the type of paint and colors I used for this project.  They are as follows: 


Paint Mix Ratio

Overall Hull

2 parts Gull Gray 1 Part White

Flight Deck & Hanger Deck

2 parts Gunship Gray 1 Part White

Anti-skid areas on ship

2 parts Gunship Gray 1 Part White

Low-Viz Aircraft

Dark Ghost Gray

High-Viz Aircraft

Light Gull Gray

  I used Pactra waster-based flat acrylic for the entire project.

As I worked on the kit I noticed that there was plenty of room to add more stuff that would make the final product interesting and more accurate.  Below is a list of modifications I made that showcases the ship and the aircraft on her.

  • Drilled out intakes and exhausts on all aircraft
  • Cut and folded wings on stowed aircraft
  • Modified control surfaces on F14 Tomcat launching from #1 cat
  • Added refueling probes to A6 Intruders and EA-6B Prowlers
  • Added tow bars to various aircraft
  • Scratch built hanger deck since one was not provided in kit
  • Added fiber optic lighting to Fresnel landing system
  • Removed all safety netting and replaced with photoetched brass
  • Added photoetched brass radar sets
  • Added photoetched railings, ladders, deck crew and life rings
  • Converted full hull to waterline version and mounted on custom base

I created the waterline version of the Big E by cutting down the hull with my trusty and often abused Dremel. I used blue textured acrylic for the water base and white acrylic paint for the wakes.  If I ever build this kit again (not likely!) I would use Celluclay for the water instead.  It gives you more creative freedom to produce waves and more accurate wakes.

I scratchbuilt the hanger deck using .010" thick Evergreen sheet plastic.  I first cut small shims and placed them around the perimeter of the hanger deck .010" below the elevator door openings. I then cut the Evergreen sheet plastic to the shape of the hull.  This step requires a lot of trial fitting and sanding. Once that was done, I painted the hanger deck anti-skid gray.  I then cut more Evergreen sheet plastic for the vertical bulkheads that line the hanger deck.  I did not paint these parts or detail them because once you attach the flight deck, you can't see much.

The final step is to place a few aircraft and tow mules in the hanger deck and attach the flight deck.

I added fiber optic strands to the Fresnel landing system by using a small pin drill to drill out all the lights.  I then super glued in the fibers.  I drilled a hole under the catwalk near the Fresnel system and ran the fibers down to a set of red and blue LED's mounted on a piece of sheet plastic that was glued to the side of the hull.  Since I had a wooden base, I placed the 2 AA batteries and switch there.

I  hope this site helps you out and has provided the information you need to create a great looking ship. If you want to know more about how I did something, have a construction question or want to ask a question, just shoot me a note, I'll be glad to help!! And I've put together a ship specification page. You can click on areas of the ship and read detailed descriptions of that section.  To check it out go here. (Editor's Note: It's really cool! Take a look!)

I  have taken a few photos of the ship for you to reference.  Remember that different monitors view images differently.
 These images are mainly for reference of aircraft location and location of ship details.

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Viewed from astern

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Starboard side, island
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Starboard midship profile

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Bow on view

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Port side view
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Wide angle view of port side