Talk about timing! Steve Wiper of Classic Warships Publishing has timed his latest release perfectly. Warship Pictorial #29 is on the North Carolina class battleships. Trumpeter had already released a 1:350 scale injected model of the USS North Carolina and has followed this up with 1:700 scale versions of both the North Carolina and Washington. Even though these kits are new releases, they can still be further improved with additional detail. The same applies to previous release kits of the pair. Whether itís Steveís own 1:350 scale North Carolina, now produced by Yankee Modelworks, or the Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale version, or the Regia Marina 1:700 scale version, they all could use extra detail. And if you have the ancient, venerable Renwal kit, whoa, will you need to upgrade it! The new North Carolina pictorial release is the perfect source for finding the details you need through examination of the multitudes of high quality photographs.

This volume follows the familiar Classic format. It is 72 pages in length, plus covers. It is a pictorial approach with only two pages of introductory text on the North Carolina, followed by 69 pages of graphical presentation of both ships. Two pages of this contain a full color profile & plan plate of USS North Carolina BB-55 in October 1945 in Measure 22 camouflage. This beautiful plate is in 1:425 scale. Another page provides color profiles of North Carolina in August 1942 in Measure 12 Modified, North Carolina in September 1944 in Measure 32/ Pattern 18D and Washington in May 1941 in Measure 1. The rest of the volume contains an intensive photographic examination of both battleships. The volume is divided roughly in half between coverage of both North Carolina at the start of the volume and Washington at the end of the volume with four pages of text followed by photographs. In case you feel that six pages of text are insufficient, each of the many photographs comes with extensive annotation, further illuminating that particular photograph. From pages 4 through 35 are 53 photographs of North Carolina with extensive captions for the photographs.

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The coverage of USS Washington starts with four pages of text followed by 27 pages of photographs. The last two pages contain statistics and cutaway profile of the 6-inch gun turret on one page and bibliography on the last page. Also included is a two-page color photograph section of shots of both ships. Included among the photographs are a series of various drawings, which illustrate various fittings. The mix of photographs provides a good selection of distance shots and close in shots of superstructure, guns and fittings. Both types of photographs are essential for the modeler but perhaps the superstructure photographs are the most valuable to spot all of the additional details and fittings that can be added to any particular model. Some pages feature one single full-page photograph and other pages will have two, three or four pages.

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Classic Warship Pictorial 29, North Carolina Class Battleships, presents an excellent source of photographs of both ships of the class. Beautiful color plates and line drawings further enrich the volume. This volume provides an inexpensive source for any modeler wishing to add further detail to any model of North Carolina or Washington.