These are photographs of a model of the USS Des Moines, CA 134, which I built for my father this past year. Dad is a plank owner from the Des Moines and is very proud of his time in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Sheridan’s photographs of the Des Moines sister ship, the USS Salem, CA 139, were very useful in my construction of this model.

DesMoines758sRM.jpg (47667 bytes) DesMoines761RM.jpg (46924 bytes) DesMoines768RM.jpg (58021 bytes)
DesMoines770RM.JPG (68327 bytes) DesMoines04RM.jpg (58906 bytes) DesMoinesstarboard2RM.jpg (115298 bytes)
DesMoines05RM.jpg (178915 bytes) DesMoinessternRM.jpg (68410 bytes) DesMoines06RM.jpg (94265 bytes) DesMoines889RM.JPG (95201 bytes)

Robert L. McGhee II