Here are pictures of my Combrig Queen Mary. I've used the Combrig photo-etch that comes with the kit and added Tom's Modelworks photo-etched railings, stairs and ladders. The torpedo nets were made from embroidery thread soaked in diluted white glue and the torpedo booms were made from evergreen stock. The model was washed with watercolors, dry-brushed and weathered with pastel chalks. The rigging is made from 0.002" monofilament and the searchlight reflectors are made from chrome discs punched out and then covered with a drop of clear epoxy to represent the lens. All mast-work is scratch-built. 

QM07fo.JPG (121800 bytes) QM12fo.JPG (21973 bytes) QM13fo.JPG (19115 bytes)
QM10fo.JPG (113786 bytes) QM08fo.JPG (17852 bytes) QM09fo.JPG (89360 bytes)

Frank O'Neill