In World War One U-31 was one of an 11 unit class of sea going submarines built in Germany from 1914-1915. U-31 itself was lost through what was believed to be a mine.

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This static model, was built from a vacuformed hull kit made by the late Combat Models of Pennsylvania. The hull at 1/72 scale (same scale to the upcoming Revell WWII Type VII U-Boat) is 3-feet long and 3-inches wide . It was built many moons ago, long before the excellent BWN 1/350 scale U-35 was released. The plastic for this particular sub was very thin, so its hull was reinforced with fiberglass cloth in case I wanted to go with an R/C route. Other then the 4 part vacuformed plastic hull, the rest of the submarine was scratch-built from metal parts. The riveted tower was made from a tuna can. The gun is brass stock. The paneling effect was also added on. This sub was built in my novice years. It was built to appear sun beaten, weathered, with its panels banged up and marine growth infestation on its lower hull from long Atlantic or Mediterranean Patrols.

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