Every so often, I like to get into something just a little different in my "Shipyard" projects. Several years ago, I happened on an advertisement for Combat Sub's 1/72 scale Royal Navy X-1 Midget Sub. Needless to say, this put the bug in me, and I started what was to take 18 months just to get a copy of the kit. This was purchased through Pacific Front Hobbies. But like most small resin companies, the supply is spotty at best, hence the delay. But in my opinion, it was well worth the wait.

The kit comes in a pale grey resin, and only consists of approximately 16 parts. So needless to say, this will not take an eternity to finish. But I have to say, this is one of the finest resin kits I have built. I was most impressed with the molding. It is extremely clean and detailed. The amatol charges can be attached, or left off for a different view. As you can see, I chose to attach mine. The model was painted in Model Master acrylic paints. The weathering was accomplished via Windsor & Newton designers gouache and pastels. The rust streaks and wear were kept to a minimum. I wanted to show usage for training, but in reality, they went into action quickly after training was completed. As usual for my projects, I added a 1/72nd scale crew to put the boat in scale for the viewer.

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Overall, this was an extremely fun little project. With a bonus ! I just recently purchased a copy of Combat Subs Italian CB Midget Sub in 1/72nd, so the yards will get busy again ! Any and all comments are appreciated, good, bad, or indifferent.