The Askold, Cruiser 1st Rank, was a protected cruiser built by Krupp, Germania for the Imperial Russian Navy. Laid down in August 1898 and completed in 1901, Askold was assigned to the First Pacific Squadron, based at Port Arthur. During the Squadron's break-out attempt of August 10, 1904, known as the Battle of the Yellow Sea, succeeded with most of the Russian cruisers in breaking through the Japanese blockading forces. She made a neutral port and was interned. With a maximum speed of 23.8 knots, Askold was one of the fastest large Russian cruisers of the period. She later served in the Mediterranean and White Sea. Seized by the British in August 1918 during the Intervention Period of the Russian Civil War, Askold was renamed Glory IV. She was scrapped in 1921.

The five tall and thin stacks the Askold presented a very distinctive silhouette. The ship has been a favorite among resin ship manufacturers in 1:700 scale. Combrig, White Ensign Models and WSW have all produced models of Askold in this scale. Now Combrig has produced one in 1:350 scale.

At almost 15 inches in length, the kit is superb. The hull is divided at the waterline and can be assembled full hull or waterline. The resin casting of this kit is extraordinarily fine. To get an idea of the extremely high quality of the resin casting, one need only look at the 6 inch (152mm) gun detail or the depth to which the main ventilator cowlings are hollowed. The Combrig 1:350 scale Askold is one of the best kits in that scale that I have seen this year, if not The Best.

Hull Casting
Askold6752spro.JPG (37636 bytes) Askold6753plan.JPG (34553 bytes) Askold6754lowerhull.JPG (30590 bytes) Askold6755lowerhull.JPG (32602 bytes)
Askold6756hullhalves.JPG (72261 bytes) Askold7018wbowpro.JPG (53313 bytes) Askold7024aftsup.JPG (69272 bytes)
Askold7025foresup.JPG (59989 bytes) Askold7026fsup.JPG (66113 bytes) Askold7027gunsponson.JPG (49406 bytes) Askold7028bow.JPG (49200 bytes)


Assembly Started
Askold7159pro.JPG (47375 bytes) Askold7160pbowpro.JPG (58781 bytes) Askold7161pmidpro.JPG (51249 bytes) Askold7162paftpro.JPG (50775 bytes)


Smaller Resin Parts
Askold6967bribase.JPG (54144 bytes) Askold6968bribase.JPG (62676 bytes) Askold6966bribase.JPG (91404 bytes) Askold6957deckhouses.JPG (79833 bytes)
Askold6958pilot.JPG (53102 bytes) Askold6959stackhouses.JPG (58680 bytes) Askold6960deckhouses.JPG (62974 bytes) Askold6961stackhouses.JPG (50753 bytes)
Askold6969lightplat.JPG (67203 bytes) Askold6970skylight.JPG (63105 bytes) Askold6972searchplat.JPG (55038 bytes) Askold6973fittings.JPG (84742 bytes)
Askold6974capstan.JPG (62081 bytes) Askold6975bollards.JPG (62488 bytes) Askold6976stacks.JPG (69539 bytes) Askold6977stacks.JPG (71394 bytes)
Askold7177searchlights.JPG (62986 bytes) Askold7178vents.JPG (58169 bytes) Askold7179vents.JPG (69843 bytes) Askold7180vents.JPG (53146 bytes)
Askold7181davits.JPG (74228 bytes) Askold7183fittings.JPG (69828 bytes) Askold7185davits.JPG (72470 bytes) Askold6995masts.JPG (66633 bytes)
Askold7173props.JPG (63305 bytes) Askold7174props.JPG (101795 bytes) Askold7184fittings.JPG (139189 bytes)
Askold6997propguards.JPG (65814 bytes) Askold6998anchors.JPG (130600 bytes) Askold7000shafts.JPG (114355 bytes)


Askold7176arm.JPG (83468 bytes) Askold6979sixinchdeck.JPG (64124 bytes) Askold6983QF.JPG (44513 bytes)


Ship's Boats
Askold6986boats.JPG (65797 bytes) Askold6987boatsplan.JPG (114965 bytes) Askold6988steamlaunch.JPG (65542 bytes) Askold6989whaler.JPG (57671 bytes)
Askold6990motorlaunch.JPG (52110 bytes) Askold6991launch.JPG (51680 bytes) Askold6992slaunch.JPG (54566 bytes) Askold6993gig.JPG (70813 bytes)


Two Photo-Etched Frets
Askold6946PEfrets.JPG (114256 bytes) Askold6955PEshipfret.JPG (123824 bytes) Askold6947PEeagles.JPG (141562 bytes) Askold6948PEshields.JPG (129707 bytes)
Askold6949PEladders.JPG (129113 bytes) Askold6950PEdet.JPG (157766 bytes) Askold6952PErails.JPG (162105 bytes) Askold6954PErailsdet.JPG (171804 bytes)


Box Art & Instructions
Askold7001box.JPG (94521 bytes) Askold7002Inst1.JPG (66389 bytes) Askold7003Inst2.JPG (48332 bytes) Askold7004Inst3.JPG (44830 bytes)
Askold7005Inst3a.JPG (83670 bytes) Askold7006Inst3b.JPG (102526 bytes) Askold7007Inst4.JPG (36397 bytes) Askold7009Inst4a.JPG (90994 bytes)
Askold7010Inst4b.JPG (77011 bytes) Askold7011Inst5.JPG (40639 bytes) Askold7012Inst5a.JPG (84597 bytes) Askold7013Inst5b.JPG (97023 bytes)
Askold7015Inst6.JPG (49722 bytes) Askold7016Inst6a.JPG (111131 bytes) Askold7017Inst6b.JPG (135009 bytes)


Assembled 1:700 Scale Askold, Photographs from Combrig
The 1:350 Scale Askold is twice as long and wide, with eight times the volume when built waterline, even more when built Full Hull.
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