Russia has always maintained a separate fleet in the Black Sea. The Imperial Navy’s first "Dreadnought" battleship design was the four ship Petropavlovsk design for the Baltic Fleet. A slightly smaller design was used for the Black Sea dreadnoughts of the Imperatritsa Maria class, which followed two years later. There were nominally four in the class, Imperatritsa Maria, Imperatritsa Ekaterina II, Imperator Aleksandr III and Imperator Nikolai I but Imperator Nikolai I was 46 feet (14m) longer and 3,300 tons heavier than the first three.

Imperatritsa Maria was launched in 1913 but was not completed until 1915. She was active in Black Sea naval operations, including bombarding Turkish gun positions. On October 20, 1916 Imperatritsa Maria was anchored in the north harbor at Sevastopol when her forward secondary magazine exploded, blamed on sabotage. The ship was scuttled to prevent the explosion of her forward main magazine. She went down bow first and turned over. The wreck was refloated in an upside down position and scraped in the 1920s.

One of the newest 1:700 scale kits in the Combrig lineup is the Imperatritsa Maria. This kit is the only model of this class available in any scale, outside of 1:1250. The kit comes with a stainless steel photo-etch fret, which contains the unique bow crane.

Hull Casting
Maria6853ppro.JPG (44745 bytes) Maria6850pbowpro.JPG (71500 bytes) Maria6851pmidpro.JPG (60531 bytes) Maria6852paftpro.JPG (65549 bytes)
Maria6854plan.JPG (65150 bytes) Maria6855bowplan.JPG (120512 bytes) Maria6856midplan.JPG (97734 bytes) Maria6857aftplan.JPG (109524 bytes)
Maria6858qd.JPG (85993 bytes) Maria6859pct.JPG (87744 bytes) Maria6860deckdet.JPG (65163 bytes) Maria6861sqd.JPG (81578 bytes)
Maria6862deckdet.JPG (69153 bytes) Maria6863sct.JPG (69019 bytes) Maria6867pbattery.JPG (84331 bytes)
Maria6866pstern.JPG (62303 bytes) Maria6865smidpro.JPG (51308 bytes) Maria6864sbowpro.JPG (58134 bytes)


Smaller Resin Parts
Maria6880armament.JPG (95353 bytes) Maria6881armplan.JPG (192822 bytes) Maria6883turretrear.JPG (84939 bytes) Maria6884sup.JPG (141091 bytes)
Maria6885bri.JPG (102181 bytes) Maria6886bri.JPG (81504 bytes) Maria6887boats.JPG (105346 bytes) Maria6888boats.JPG (181416 bytes)
Maria6889steamlaunch.JPG (88829 bytes) Maria6890launch.JPG (93690 bytes) Maria6891masts.JPG (114739 bytes) Maria6892fittings.JPG (140139 bytes)
Maria6893searchlights.JPG (147525 bytes) Maria6894anchors.JPG (153098 bytes) Maria6895paravanes.JPG (151495 bytes)


Box, Photo-Etch & Instructions
Maria6849box.JPG (64125 bytes) Maria6868PE.JPG (182802 bytes) Maria6869PEcranes.JPG (169726 bytes) Maria6870PElattice.JPG (172518 bytes)
Maria6871PErailing.JPG (187305 bytes) Maria6872InstP&P.JPG (104452 bytes) Maria6874InstProDet.JPG (112543 bytes) Maria6873InstProDet.JPG (104994 bytes)
Maria6875InstPlanDet.JPG (121571 bytes) Maria6876InstAssembly.JPG (91470 bytes) Maria6877InstAssemblyDet.JPG (100581 bytes) Maria6879InstPartsTemp.JPG (121507 bytes)