All eleven destroyers of the Lovki Class were built in France and assigned to the Baltic Fleet. All were laid down in 1904, launched in 1905 and completed in 1906. Armament consisted of two 11-pdrs mounted one each on the tops of the forward and aft conning towers and two single tube 18-Inch torpedo mounts. Light guns were later added and during World War One, ships of the class could also be equipped with ten mines. The four Normand boilers generated 5,700 ihp, giving the destroyers a maximum speed of 27 knots. Displacing 335 tons, they were medium sized destroyers for the time but were small by WWI standards. .

Resin Hull Casting
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When World War One broke out, the class became active in mine warfare. Three of the eleven were lost during the war. On December 12, 1914 Ispolnitelni sank near Odensholm when one of the mines she was carrying exploded on deck. A severe snowstorm was in progress at the time and sistership Letuchi capsized near the Ispolnitelni. From the total complement from both ships, only one crewman survived. Leitenant Burakov was lost August 12, 1917 due to striking a mine. Six of the survivors, including Likhoi, were scrapped in 1922 with the last two of the class going to the breakers in 1923 and 1925.

Smaller Resin Parts
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Combrig has now released a 1:700 scale model of Likhoi. The model shows the characteristic, rounded turtleback hull with a snap on flat main deck. The photographs show all of the resin components.

Hull and Main Deck Dry Fitted
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