Of the four new 1:700 scale kits by Combrig of Project 1134B, NATO Code name Kara Class cruisers, actually called BPK (Bolshoi Protivolodochny Korabl), Large Anti-Submarine Ship, the model of Ochakov represents the earliest version of the class. Nikolayev and Ochakov were the first two of the class to be built and represent the base design, if you will. The following five ships in the class had various modifications to the basic design. One way to spot these two is by looking at the tower mast. These two were fitted with an ECM outfit as found in the Kresta II class with Bell Clout, Bell Tap and Bell Slam fittings. 

Ochakov6298plan.JPG (59355 bytes) Ochakov6301sternplan.JPG (88862 bytes) Ochakov6300midplan.JPG (77704 bytes) Ochakov6299bowplan.JPG (120362 bytes)
Ochakov6302pro.JPG (41242 bytes) Ochakov6305sternpro.JPG (44101 bytes) Ochakov6304midpro.JPG (45676 bytes) Ochakov6303bowpro.JPG (59398 bytes)

The subsequent five vessels had a platform halfway up the tower, designed to accommodate the new Rum Tub ECM system. (Note drawing distinguishing the systems) It is interesting to note that most of the subsequent five originally had the platform installed, without the system. The following photos of Petropavlovsk, Tashkent and Tallin all show the platform without the Rum Tub system. Only the photograph of the Kerch shows the system installed. Another detail that distinguishes the Ochakov model from those of Kerch, Azov and Petropavlovsk is the absence of an 02 deck extension to the superstructure in front of the bridge. You can notice this extension in the photograph of the Petropavlovsk. (Photographs of Azov and Kerch also show this extended deck house.) It is present behind the forward SA-N-3 mount, below the overhanging bridge. Kerch, Azov and Petropavlovsk all come with a part for this extension but not Ochakov

SovWarships6357towerdraw.JPG (111000 bytes) SovWarships6358Ochakov.JPG (106101 bytes) SovWarships6359Nikolayev.JPG (110622 bytes)
SovWarships6360Tashkent.JPG (131012 bytes) SovWarships6362Tallin.JPG (191154 bytes) SovWarships6363Kerch.JPG (132757 bytes) petropavlovsk1mods.jpg (117545 bytes)

The four Project 1134B models from Combrig are different from each other as follows.

Ochakov Original version with forward and aft SA-N-3 mounts, forward and aft Head Light tracking radar, Top Sail search radar, twin RBU-6000 mounts on the forecastle quintuple 533mm torpedo tubes port & starboard, RBU-1000 mounts port and starboard and no Rum Tub platform on the tower (Although the resin sheet provides a platform, it appears that it wasn’t fitted on the Ochakov or Nikolayev.) 

Ochakov6287decks.JPG (63280 bytes) Ochakov6288plat.JPG (51884 bytes) Ochakov6289radars.JPG (71547 bytes)
Ochakov6291topsail.JPG (106286 bytes) Ochakov6292majarm.JPG (65546 bytes) Ochakov6293RBU.JPG (82508 bytes) Ochakov6294canisters.JPG (93229 bytes)
Ochakov6295foremast.JPG (77647 bytes) Ochakov6296towerA.JPG (97649 bytes) Ochakov6297stack.JPG (66855 bytes)

Kerch As above but with Flat Screen search radar instead of the Top Sail and with Rum Tub platform with Rum Tub system installed. Superstructure extension for 02 deck. There are also additional smaller fittings. 

Ochakov6318box.JPG (63679 bytes) Ochakov6316Instp&p.JPG (96253 bytes) Ochakov6317InstAssembly.JPG (71618 bytes)

Petropavlovsk As Ochakov but with Rum Tub platform with no system installed, superstructure extension for 02 deck and Round House TACAN cylinders on platforms instead of the RBU-1000 mounts on either side of the helicopter hanger. 

Ochakov6306bupro.JPG (59575 bytes) Ochakov6307busfq.JPG (98983 bytes) Ochakov6311bumidanup.JPG (87098 bytes)
Ochakov6310busternpro.JPG (73909 bytes) Ochakov6309bumidpro.JPG (144503 bytes) Ochakov6308bubowpro.JPG (91970 bytes)
Ochakov6313bupaqpro.JPG (68858 bytes) Ochakov6314buplan.JPG (58133 bytes) Ochakov6315bumida.JPG (95976 bytes)

Azov Project 1134BF This model has the greatest number of variations from the original design. As with Ochakov but the rear superstructure is completely reworked. Instead of the aft SA-N-3 mount the aft superstructure has been widened to accommodate six SA-N-6 vertical launch missile silos (VLS). The aft Head Light tracking system has been replaced with a Top Dome system. Also because of the increased width of the superstructure, there are twin 533mm torpedo mounts instead of the quintuple mounts found in the other ships. The open space between the torpedo mounts is part of the deck house rather than an open gap with "flying" boat cradle. This model also has the extended 02 superstructure part and Rum Tub platform with system not installed.