The Pallada Class Protected Cruisers consisted of three 415 feet cruisers. Pallada and Avrora of 6823 tons and Diana, slightly lighter at 6,657 tons. Pallada and Diana were both laid down in December 1895 but Pallada was launched first in August 1899, followed by Diana in October 1899. Avrora was laid down in June 1897 and was launched in May 1900. The Imperial Russian Navy rated the class as Cruisers First Rank, as all large cruisers were classified as 1st Rank.

Pallada, along with Diana, joined the First Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur. In the initial Japanese attacks on Port Arthur, Pallada was torpedoed on the night of February 8/9, 1904 but was not seriously damaged. In August 1904 at the Battle of the Yellow Sea, Pallada returned to Port Arthur, instead of breaking through the Japanese blockade with the bulk of the Russian cruisers. Thereafter, Pallada was trapped in the harbor and sunk by Japanese 11-inch siege howitzers on December 8, 1904. She was raised by the Japanese and served as the Tsugaru, until scrapped in 1923.

Combrig has released a 1:700 scale model of the Pallada, as well as her two sisterships, Diana (click for view of components) and Avrora. Another cruiser Pallada was built shortly afterwards, commerating the Port Arthur Pallada, but she was built to the Bayan armored cruiser design (click to view the components of Pallada II).

Hull Casting
Pallada6566pro.JPG (60133 bytes) Pallada6567bowpro.JPG (63043 bytes) Pallada6568midpro.JPG (47067 bytes) Pallada6569aftpo.JPG (48935 bytes)
Pallada6570pfq.JPG (88448 bytes) Pallada6576amidv.JPG (40552 bytes) Pallada6571padia.JPG (92351 bytes)
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Pallada6578conning.JPG (55980 bytes) Pallada6579bow.JPG (60823 bytes) Pallada6580conning.JPG (57818 bytes) Pallada6581bowpro.JPG (55601 bytes)


Other Resin Parts
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Pallada6592stacks.JPG (69430 bytes) Pallada6593boats.JPG (92347 bytes) Pallada6594boats.JPG (116628 bytes)


Box Top & Instructions
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