The Karas are here! Four of the newest 1:700 resin kits from Combrig are members of the Berkut B, Project 1134B, NATO Code Name Kara Class Large Anti-Submarine Ship Bolshoi Protivolodochny Korabl BPK. A direct outgrowth of two prior classes, Berkut, NATO Code Name Kresta I and Berkut A NATO Code Name Kresta II, the seven ships of the Kara Class were 2,000 tons heavier and significantly longer than the preceding Kresta II design.

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Combrig has just released Ochakov, which represents the original design of the first two members of the class, Nikolayev and Ochakov. Kerch, the third member of the class, is depicted as refitted with "Flat Screen" search radar. Azov Project 1134BF, forth member of the Class, was a one-off variant fitted with SA-N-6 vertical launch tubes as a test bed for the Kirov and Slava Classes. Petropavlovsk, the fifth member of the class that was a one-off variant fitted with the Round House TACAN System at the stern.

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All four kits have most parts in common and yet, each has unique distinctions and parts that set it apart from the others. This article shows the parts for the Petropavlovsk. The Petropavlovsk served as a test bed for the Round House TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation) system, subsequently fitted to the Kirov and Udaloy Classes. Two large cylinders, housing this system, were fitted on platforms located on the upper part of the helicopter hanger. The ship did not have the RBU-1000 ASW launchers that were fitted in other six ships on the main deck at this location. Also, the helicopter hanger on Petropavlovsk was higher than in the other ships. Previews of the other three Kara kits will appear within the next week or so.

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