The Vladimir Monomakh was an early example of the armored cruiser. Laid down in 1880 and completed in 1885, the cruiser was rated as Cruiser First Rank. The ship had a complete six-inch belt of armor. She was originally completed with a full set of masts for sails. Between 1897 and 1898 Vladimir Monomakh was refitted with lighter masts and suppression of the bowsprit. The ancient warrior, a quarter of a century old, sailed with the Third Pacific Squadron comprising the ancient, the old and the obsolete, which rendezvoused with the Second Pacific Squadron off of French Indochina (Vietnam) before the combined force proceeded to meet the Japanese fleet at Tsushima. Vladimir Monomakh made it through the daylight action but was torpedoed during the night action. She surrendered the next morning but sank before she could be beached.

Combrig has just released a 1:700 scale model of the Vladimir Monomakh as she appeared at Tsushima in 1905. In this guise the cruiser still had a fore mast and mizzen mast but the main mast had been reduced to a stump with a searchlight platform on top. It is a very interesting kit with shielded six-inch bow chaser, conning tower in front of the funnels, bridge between the funnels, plenty of ventilator cowlings and numerous boat racks overhanging the lower gun deck.

Hull Casting
Vlad6902pro.JPG (68383 bytes) Vlad6903bowpro.JPG (97399 bytes) Vlad6904midpro.JPG (79169 bytes) Vlad6905aftpro.JPG (68573 bytes)
Vlad6907plan.JPG (73582 bytes) Vlad6908bowplan.JPG (126852 bytes) Vlad6909midplan.JPG (97619 bytes) Vlad6910sternplan.JPG (108512 bytes)
Vlad6906stern.JPG (64771 bytes) Vlad6911stern.JPG (91828 bytes) Vlad6912sbq.JPG (119474 bytes) Vlad6914pbpro.JPG (60634 bytes)
Vlad6916bri.JPG (72938 bytes) Vlad6917paftwaist.JPG (72180 bytes) Vlad6918smidpro.JPG (60472 bytes) Vlad6915paq.JPG (76358 bytes)


Armament & Ship's Boats
Vlad6925arm.JPG (149286 bytes) Vlad6920bowchaser.JPG (133885 bytes) Vlad6927deckguns.JPG (160444 bytes)
Vlad6924QF.JPG (109746 bytes) Vlad6929boats.JPG (85930 bytes) Vlad6930boats.JPG (121286 bytes)


Upper Deck & Smaller Parts
Vlad6897updeck.JPG (83713 bytes) Vlad6898updeck.JPG (114213 bytes) Vlad6899updeckaft.JPG (74292 bytes) Vlad6900updeckfor.JPG (76953 bytes)
Vlad6931vents.JPG (171457 bytes) Vlad6933vents.JPG (113618 bytes) Vlad6935stacks.JPG (131501 bytes) Vlad6936stacks.JPG (169829 bytes)
Vlad6934platforms.JPG (152399 bytes) Vlad6937davits.JPG (138282 bytes) Vlad6938masts.JPG (162156 bytes) Vlad6939davits.JPG (111939 bytes)


Box Art & Instructions
Vlad6901box.JPG (134826 bytes) Vlad6940InstP&P.JPG (92264 bytes) Vlad6941Instpro.JPG (98512 bytes) Vlad6942InstPlan.JPG (66608 bytes)
Vlad6943InstAssembly.JPG (83471 bytes) Vlad6944InstAssembDet.JPG (117734 bytes) Vlad6945InstTemplate.JPG (95312 bytes)